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What are the Do’s And Don’ts of Agile Sprint Planning

Sprint planning is an event in the Scrum framework where the team determines the Product Backlog items they will work on during that Sprint and discusses their initial plan for completing those Product Backlog items. 

Dos of Agile Sprint Planning

  • Prepare and prepare the Product Backlog prior to the meeting (as a Product Owner) 
  • Identify the most valuable items.
  • Always set a meeting timebox (4-8 hours depending on the length of the sprint)
  • Repeat top priority items and features Discuss team speed and capabilities
  • Set goals for your sprint (a brief description of what your team will achieve/provide at the end of the sprint)
  • Break down the big story into smaller stories so you can complete them during the sprint
  • Prioritize stories spread risk across multiple sprints (ie, don’t add too many risk stories to anyone sprint)
  • Review and Revalidation (Actual Definition)
  • All team members must agree to complete the Sprint Backlog item

Don’ts of Agile Sprint Planning

  • Ignore the team’s pace (past sprint).
  • Include too heavy arrears to finish in the Sprint Commitment to Take Back the Rich Sprint.
  • Ignore the potential of the team (e.g. holidays, vacations, etc.)
  • Invite a number of external stakeholders to the sprint planning meeting.
  • Spread meeting planning across multiple days
  • Give the Product Owner or Manufacturer the driving pace (e.g. “There are two sprints, so we have to complete all the other stories”).
  • The speed of the team and the team itself should lead the time axis.

Having poor Spring planning done, can lead to confusion and demotivate the team. However, having a line of each in the same direction is a powerful tool when planned and done correctly.

Who Carries out Agile Sprint Planning?

Agile Sprint planning usually involves the entire team. A Product Owner identifies candidate Product Backlog items and their relative priorities, as well as proposes a Sprint Goal. Team members determine how many Product Backlog items they anticipate and such that they will be able to complete and determine how they will deliver those Product Backlog items. A coach who is involved in Scrum master training typically facilitates sprint planning to ensure that discussions are effective and there is an agreement to the sprint goal and that the sprint backlog includes appropriate product backlog items.

Why Scrum Master Training in Agile Sprint Planning? 

The Scrum development framework is lightweight and iterative. Software developed by Scrum is given in increments. So agile development is one of the most popular approaches for managing development projects and scrum is the most popular agile development method. In each iteration of the Scrum process, a feature or set of features becomes a target for development, testing, and eventually publication. So the goal is to publish a new software version with each cycle with fewer errors and more functions than the old one. Daily scrum meetings allow the development team to quickly review the work of the past day, address any development issues, and plan work for the next day. Other events in Scrum continually improve the development and approval process so that the team can improve its performance over time.

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Have you ever wondered how you can gain more insight into agile sprint planning? Well, there are so many agile training courses online that you can take that will expand your knowledge as a software developer. Apart from the fact that you can also try an agile online course, this is of great use and advantageous to gain more knowledge about agile sprint planning. This course provides simple and clear explanations, special tips and shortcuts, great narration to deepen concepts, and helpful information to deepen your understanding of the topic. If you are a programmer, software developer, team leader, or project manager and want to learn Agile and Scrum, there are free online certification courses, as well as online agile training courses on project management and Scrum Master training courses. This is how you expand your knowledge of agile sprint planning. Any team working on a project is always under pressure to deliver the product before the deadline. And the deadlines are usually very short and the workload is enormous. To get work done on time, teams use an agile collaborative development approach to plan, develop, deliver, and improve. It’s a very systemic approach that includes several key terms like scrum, sprint, etc.

You won’t have any difficulties getting the appropriate course online for your use. This article will give you a hint of a few of the courses you can get online and the good news is that majority of these Agile online courses are free, so it won’t be a problem getting at least one of them to do.

Below are a few of those online classes and courses you can take;

  1. Agile development specialization:

This is one of the best agile courses, it is a specialization that is divided into four courses. There are four courses in this specialization: Agile Meets Design Thinking, hypothesis-based Development, Agile Analysis, and Agile Team Management. The best part is; No previous knowledge of agility or anything else is required.

  1. Agile Fundamentals:

In this course, the instructor clearly explains the fundamentals of the agile approach, covering everything from the history of the software development approach, the need for agility, its fundamentals, and related terms such as scrum. As a requirement, you need a basic understanding of Agile. This course is not for beginners. This is an intermediate course.

  1. Agile Scrum Master Certification Training:

This is one of the most comprehensive agile training courses you will find online. One of the cool things about this course is that it is alive, online, instructor-led Agile Scrum Master training. Since there is no better way to learn than face-to-face training, I highly recommend you to take it if you are serious about improving or learning Agile and Scrum skills. With this live, online training program, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to work in an agile (and scrum) organization.

What are the Do's And Don'ts of Agile Sprint Planning


Conclusively, from the above information about the dos and don’ts of Agile sprint planning and the courses available to get yourself more equipped in the skill related to agile and scrum, you will be able to understand Agile, its related terms, and how it works. For this to take place, you will need to take a suitable course on Agile Online Training to have a detailed knowledge of Agile Online Course and Scrum Master Training as it involves a lot. 

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