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What Is Software Testing and Quality Management?

Software applications developed in recent times are highly sensitive and complex in such a way that they operate within multi-layer environments that are built-in agile conditions. This led to a need for putting software products through testing.

This testing of software products will ensure software product applications meet user requirements and also the needs of the organization. In order to ensure the quality of products stays consistent, quality management is introduced.

In this section of the guide, I will introduce you to what you need to know about software testing and quality management concerning QA certification online

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process of analyzing software applications to detect discrepancies (such as bugs and glitches) between actual software product conditions and required software product outcomes. Software testing also provides business stakeholders with detailed information about the quality of a software product under different testing phases and stages.  

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A good way to evaluate the components of a system in order to determine if they meet certain requirements is by putting such components or the entire system through software testing. This process will help the software tester to figure out gaps and errors that are in contradiction with the software product requirements.

Furthermore, software testing is used to estimate software product’s features and specifications which helps to improve the quality of software products. This will ensure that market demands and the needs of an organization are met. 

A quality assurance tester training will offer you more knowledge about software testing if you’re willing to dig deep into this field. For instance, enrolling for a software test online training can help you learn more about software testing but I will like to explain briefly the objectives of software testing and why it is crucial. 

Main Objectives of Software Testing

Here are the main objectives of software testing;

  • To prevent software products defects
  • To ensure consumers gain confidence in software products
  • To verify that a product outcome meets user requirements
  • To gain customers and clients trust by providing quality products
  • To detect software bugs that may occur in the development stage
  • To provide detailed information about software products level of quality
  • To ensure that software applications satisfy the Business Requirement Specification (BRS) and System Requirement Specifications (SRS)

Why is Software Testing Necessary?

Software testing is highly necessary due to the following reasons;

  • It is required to keep a software application developer in the business
  • It is required to give assurance on the quality of a software product
  • It helps to detect errors and defects during the development phases
  • It is required to ensure software applications perform efficiently
  • It is required to ensure software applications do not experience failure
  • It helps to design software products that require low maintenance cost

In conclusion, carrying out software testing will ensure software products or applications meet the necessary user requirements which involve excellent product performance and correct product specifications.   

What is Quality Management?

Quality management is the process of overseeing tasks and activities that must be carried out in order to achieve a desired level of productivity in an organization. This simply means that it is an action carried out to ensure the quality of product and service stays consistent within an organization. It has four main components.

The focus of quality management is not just to ensure the quality of products and services stays consistent but also to create a means to make that possible. The concept of quality management is similar to software testing in the sense that it helps to eliminate errors, reduce production cost and also boost customer satisfaction in the quality of a software product or service.

Quality management which is also referred to as “Total Quality Management” TQM includes creating and implementing a quality assurance policy that involves proper planning, control, and improvement of the quality of product and service.

Components of Quality Management

Here are the four main components of quality management;

  1. Quality Planning
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Quality Control
  4. Quality Improvement

These four components play important roles in Quality Management. 

Why is Quality Management Necessary?

Here are the major reasons why quality management is important;

  • It is required to provide the exact products that consumers need
  • It uses short term initiative actions to achieve long-term goals
  • It helps to increase producer revenue generated from customer satisfaction
  • It is required to help design products features that are free from errors
  • It ensures continuous improvement on fixing defects and deficiencies
  • It helps to design products that have a significant impact on the market

The idea of quality management is to ensure that the long-term success of an organization is built on customer loyalty and satisfaction which is a result of delivering quality products and service. To understand quality management better, you can study quality assurance tester training which is available online.


It is important to find the right balance between delivering sufficient testing for software products and doing so at a minimal cost. The effectiveness of software testing depends on the test case coverage, so make sure it is done at a high level.As for quality management, you will find out from the QA certification online training that business stakeholders work together with the sole aim of improving the process of software products or application development, as well as ensuring that a company’s reputation remains intact through high-quality service.

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