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Where is Java used in Web Development?

Java is a popular programming language for developing software and web applications. It is a flexible and versatile language with lots of usage in several domains. In this article, we will discuss some applications where Java APIs can be used for different usage. Before we get started, let’s give a basic understanding of what an API is.

API means application point interface. It gives developers the opportunity to interact and communicate with any software within the allowed confines. As a developer, learning how to build and use APIs is an important skill as it opens you up to working seamlessly with other products.

Let’s now discuss some interesting Java APIs and technologies and how they are used in web development. 

  1. Java Database Connectivity API

The Java Database is one of the popular applications of Java language in Web development. The Java Database Connectivity API comes in four basic types – Native Driver, JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver, Thin Driver, and Network Protocol Driver. The tool is used to update databases in web applications easier for the users. The connectivity API has some mediums to allow the showcasing of a database in an application. 

More so, the connectivity API performs more than allowing them access to the database of web applications. You can further update, delete, save and carry out other functions to the database using this API. The API also allows collaboration with other SQL tools to perform functions in the web application. Getting started with this process requires a decent understanding of Java. If you are looking to begin your journey as a Java developer, you access core Java knowledge and skills through robust Java teaching online

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  1. JavaServer Faces Technology

The JavaServer Faces Technology is one used in the development of web-based frameworks with the UI framework. The JavaServer Faces Technology helps in ensuring the smooth maintenance of the web applications and helps in simplifying the process of creating new ones. 

The UI widgets it works with can be used to access other data sources and applications. With this as well, the UI tools can serve during another process since it is well maintained by the JavaServer Faces Technology (JSF). With free Java training and placement, you can get to work on web applications using JavaServer Faces Technology. This is another area in web development where the Java language is very relevant in today’s technology stack. 

  1. JavaServer Pages Technology

JavaServer Pages Technology in web development helps developers upload and create web content easily using an independent server without the need for a new Common Gateway Interface (CGI). The use of the Common Gateway Interface requires a long process of incorporating other elements of the HTML in the web content creation. But, JavaServer Pages Technology serves as an all-in-one tool that works simultaneously with other Java elements. 

As a developer, JavaServer Pages Technology should be a preferred one due to the ease of building web pages it gives. 

JavaServer Pages Technology is another area in web development with the need for Java Language. So far, the use of the language gives a good basis to learn the programming language which can be easily done through Free Java Training and Placement. 

  1. Java Servlet API

This Servlet API is another tool for web developers that work with Java language. The Java Servlet API has a different element that helps in the smooth process of hosting applications. Some of these elements are filter, servletconfig, filter chain, etc. Servlets primarily help with the building of dynamic web pages just like the JavaServer Pages Technology. Asides from this function, the Java Servlet performs other functions like registering responses from forms on web pages, storing databases from web pages or other sources, and lots more. 

The servlet also serves as an understanding tool for interaction between the system and the users. The responses and actions from the users are transmitted for immediate responses from the applications through the JavaServlet API. 

By joining a Java Course with Placement, you can better understand how this tool works, especially when you get a placement as a Junior Java Developer. 

  1. Java Persistence API

The Java Persistence API is designed to help retrieve and store data from the database. The Java Persistence API provides a platform for web developers to relate the database storage with an object-relation method. While you may need the knowledge of some coding to access their tools, the Java Persistence API doesn’t require complex technical and coding skills. 

Wrapping up

You have seen five major areas where web development works with Java Language. The use of Java in web development is still very relevant to date with more to come in the future. You can become an expert web developer with top skills in any of these areas easily without hassle now. Jump on the different Java Coaching Online classes available to join the journey. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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