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Why is Selenium more popular than other testing tools?

Selenium seems to be every developer’s preferred testing tool today and we cannot but wonder why. Selenium is software used for testing processes, one important part of software development that checks for bugs and other potential failures. 

One factor that distinguishes the Selenium tool from others is its simplicity. Even as a beginner, you get to understand the testing tool as you proceed. Want to know more of the advantages Selenium has over other testing tools? Then, continue with this article. You get all its features and enough information to begin your selenium-free certification course

Let’s get started.  

1. Supports major program languages

One of the major perks of the Selenium testing tool is its suitability with many programming languages including Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby, etc.  This has created an expansion in the number of Selenium users since it works with different languages. For example, an automation tester can easily work with the tool without having to worry about the knowledge of a particular language different from his choice. Even for beginners, it is a good opportunity to continue practicing with the tool in their preferred programming languages. 

2. Compatibility with browsing tools

Another interesting fact about Selenium that makes it a preferred choice for everyone is its compatibility with different browsers. Talk about Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and others. With selenium, you need not worry about restricting the testing to a particular browser. This also enhances the testing process to see the reaction of the software on each browser. Awesome, right?

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3. Availability 

 Many would prefer working with a tool that’s quite affordable. But Selenium even offers you better by being available to all at no cost. It’s always a go-to for startups since it provides an opportunity to save and spend on other important areas without compromising their testing process. Whether you’re on selenium training and placement in the USA or enrolled for a selenium free certification course, you get free access to all its tools without spending a fortune on them. 

4. Compatible with different Operating Systems

Another reason why the selenium testing tool is preferred over others is due to its compatibility with different operating systems. For software development, different operating systems are used, and searching for one that is compatible with the project can be quite overwhelming sometimes. On the other hand, working with different testing tools can be quite expensive, especially when requiring upfront payment. The good news is that with selenium tools, your testing process can use any of its compatible operating software.

5. Simplicity

As we mentioned earlier, working with selenium tools seems to be one of the easiest processes in software development and testing. Writing scripts for selenium, unlike other tools, is very easy and less technical. Likewise, selenium allows easy documentation of the testing process for the experts, thereby aiding the subsequent testing procedures. 

6. Automatic Updates

Working with an outdated software tool bugs a lot of stress for professionals. Asides from this, the software may find it difficult to support the latest technologies, thereby leading to frustration. But selenium developers have made it a responsibility to constantly provide updates for the tool. This way, the team of users worldwide will have continuous access to use their preferred tool. 

Likewise, selenium tool updates are easily accessible for everyone upon release. This is a major solution to a lot of problems faced by automation testers during their work. 

7. Mobile testing

Not only does selenium support different web browsers, but it also allows testing on mobiles. This way testers have the room to adjust errors on the software through both channels. 

8. Large network of experts

Selenium users are available worldwide and this has allowed learners to access the wide network of selenium experts. This way, learning has become easy and access to other resources of the selenium tool is readily available. Also, selenium knowledge has become one of the major requirements for quality assurance experts in top organizations around the world. With this, the relevance of the testing tool cannot be questioned and no doubt, selenium will retain its impact in years to come. 


This article has given the top reasons why selenium is one of the preferred tools by others. To enjoy these as an automation tester, you have to get started with the learning through a selenium-free certification course. This way, you get to practice using the Selenium tool and advance in your career as an automation tester. 

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