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Zoho Creater

Now the software companies like intuit makes QuickBase and Zoho makes the zoho creater.These will do the same things with one huge difference.Zoho creater is a cloud-based app creater we can build our own systems from the scratch in a hosted environment that can then be accessed by whoever we want,wherever they are and app which can be integrated into the other cloud based applications mainly the zoho applications .

If we have need the  requires any specific applications that is built for it ,then we could use the zoho creater platform entirely on its own.

We use use Zoho creater to build add-ons to their Zoho apps  and to filling the gaps of what Zoho will not do.Our clients will have used to create to custom applications for managing their bar coding,quality assurance,inventory ,projects,trucks or employee time  and materials.

Determine  the need  with Zoho creater

There are some specific objectives of this application along with the dates when it plans to achieve.Making sure when you list objectives that they addressing a specific business problems.The features in your Zoho apps will meet some objectives and therefore reduce the work we have to do in zoho creater.

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create a new application

Gather the requirement

Before creating an application using Zoho creator,it is a crucial to know what to do with the application there are some steps to guide to gather the requirements

  1. First recognising the information wanted, the application to manage.For sales application we can categorize the information to be managed under two broad headings product of sales.In zoho creater,these categories become the form application.
  2. By listing the items under each category. For example ,the product category is having the entries related to Product ID,Product name,vendor,unit price etc  while the sales category will have the entries related to Product ID , units of sold,Revenue, cost, Profit etc.
  3. We should identify the relationship between the data in one category and also data in another category.In sales database,information in the product will not have to repeat in the sales category.we may create a relationship between the product form and sales form in a manner that sales will refer to the specific product record from product form.

How to create an application from scratch

There are steps to create an application

  • By selecting the create application option that will display the create application page.To create brand new application click on create from scratch option as shown the screen-shot below.
Zoho Creater

By providing the application name example create a sales management application. Click create an application like

Zoho Creater

Go to form properties on the right side and provide the name in the text box provided.Tell the Form name as product name to enter the product information.A zoho creater application either private or may be public.A public application which can be accessed only by anyone an indexed by search engines.A private application which can be accessed only if the owner of the application shares it with specific users.shared users adds,modify and delete records on the edit permissions provided.

Zoho Creater

Zoho creater reports will display the data which is collected through the forms.

Zoho creater features

Zoho Creater will be a low code platform which will abstracts 90% of the complexities in the app development lifecycle enabling us to apps you need easily without reinventing the wheel. By being a task manager a CRM or ERP or may be an application for almost any  situation that we can build it on the Zoho creator. The platform will combine intuitive visual builders and readymade code blocks that will help us build modern business very fast. We migrate the existing business data from difference sources like legacy systems and spreadsheets, and transition into modern connected environment.


1. What is Zoho creater?

2. What are the benefits of zoho creater?

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