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About Course

  • Are you looking for an advanced HP QTP (now UFT) course that can distinguish you in the test automation circles? Your search ends here.

    Automation is a branch of Software Testing QA projects that is highly technical, needs great levels of problem solving and analytical skills. It is more than just a programming language expertise or tool familiarity. It is an entirely different thought process altogether. It is to think like a developer, tester, and designer/architect all at the same time. Quick Test Professional is a functional test automation tool.

    • It uses VB scripting as a programming language.
    • It is a commercial, object based and supports technologies such as Web, Java .Net, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Web Services, etc.
    • It is the perfect software that paves the path for successful automation projects and their delivery.
    • Using QTP tests can be created, debugged, finalized, executed (any number of times) etc.
    • Integrates with Test Management tools to make the overall testing process easier
    • It also lets the testers have the flexibility in terms of the way it supports various automation frameworks like Keyword driven, data driven or any other custom frameworks
    • Provides a lot of scope for modularity and reusability which are very important for an automation project’s success
    • Test scripts can be created easily by novices and experts. Experts often use descriptive programming to avoid the dependency on AUT’s availability.
  • Our Advanced QTP training course focuses on:

    • Live facilitator led class that is focused towards mastering the basic to advanced level concepts of HP UFT (QTP).
    • Core Automation concepts – why, how, when, what etc.
    • Programming basics and best practices using VB Scripting
    • Practical Automation Project planning and framework designing
    • Guidelines on how to choose Test scripts for automaton
    • Achieving maximum reusability using HP UFT for maximum return on investment
    • HP UFT certification orientation
    • Descriptive Programming and its scope
    • Study material to make the learning experience complete
    • Resume, job and interview guidance
    • Recorded session to make reviewing easy
    • Hands on assignments for thorough understanding of concepts
    • Practical real time examples

    HP UFT = HP QTP (Functional Automation Testing) + HP ServiceTest ( WebService API Testing)

  • Why H2K..?

    • We discuss about the real time project domains in Banking/Financial, Telecom, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Health care and other domains.
    • More H2Kinfosys training Advantages

    QTP / UFT Course Overview

    • Basic QTP Course Topics
    • Benefits of Automation
    • Benefits of Manual testing
    • Introduction to QTP
    • Main stages of QTP
    • Plan / Create / Enhance
    • Record and playback
    • How to understand the Results, Report Results
    • Key word view and expert view etc...
    • How to understand the VB Script etc. (Discuss more details about VB script in last session of QTP)
    • Students have to practice above topics then we start the following
    • SystemUtil.Run() function to bring the application windows or web. Also discuss
    • About other VB built functions in QTP.
    • Object Repository (Types of Object Repositories will be discussed)
    • Parameterization
    • Data Driven Test
    • Parameterization
    • After student practice this, we can explain about how to import the excel
    • Sheet and read the data from excel sheet.
    • Data Table - Importing Excel Sheet, Database Connection from QTP
    • Two types of repository
    • Synchronization
    • Check Points: All types of Check points
    • Actions: Calling actions from the existing actions, splitting actions etc.
    • Parameterization in actions:
    • Regular Expressions
    • After practicing by students, Faculty will start teaching below Topics.
    • Regular expressions is added while inserting checkpoint for text
    • How to Enhance the VB Script, write functions and call the function in another script.
    • Batch Runner
    • Multiple scripts can be run from batch runner
    • Connecting QTP with Quality Center. How to integrate Quality center with QTP
    • Descriptive Programming: VB Scripting
    • Without recording, how to write the script, how to resolve the run time errors.
    • QTP Interview Questions.

Course Syllabus

    • What is automation
    • Automation in AGILE world
    • What is automation
    • Automation in AGILE world
    • Manual Testing vs Automation.
    • What are good automation test scenarios
    • Advantages of Test Automation.
    • Benefits of Automation testing.
    • What are the pre-requisites
    • When to start automation
    • Understand the project and scope
    • Understand AUT and Prepare UFT
    • Identify automation test scenarios
    • Create framework
    • Create scripts
    • Enhance scripts
    • Debug scripts
    • Run and result analysis
    • Report bugs
    • Prepare report
    • Add-in
    • Views and importance
    • Licensing Mechanisms
      • Nodelock license
      • Floating license
    • Actions
    • Reusable
    • Non-Reusable
    • External actions
    • Data table Parameterization
      • Local and Global sheets
      • Design time data table
    • Random Numbers
    • Environmental Parameters
      • Defining, modifying and associating environment variables.
      • Loading Environment file during run-time.
    • Action parameters
    • Output values
    • Run time data table
    • Adding wait statement
      Adding Exist statement
      Global timeout
    • Sync method
    • Start transaction
    • End transaction
    • handle dynamic objects

    • Customize test results
    • Reporter reportevent
    • Add sheet
    • Delete sheet
    • Get sheet
    • Row count
    • Import
    • Import sheet etc…

  • Inserting/Removing Break points.

    Watch/ variable.

    Step by step execution

    • Standard Checkpoints
    • Bitmap checkpoints,
    • Text/Text Area Checkpoints
    • Page checkpoint
    • Image checkpoints,
    • Content check
    • Accessibility Checkpoints
    • Sample application
    • How to invoke the application
    • Different kind of web services
    • Import a Web service
    • Build a Web service test
    • Integrate data into a test
    • Use multiple data sources
    • Create a REST service test
    • Run a REST test
    • Assign data to REST method
    • Introduction to Recovery Scenarios.
    • When to use Recovery Scenarios.
    • Defining Recovery Scenarios.
    • Recovery Scenario Manager.
    • Managing Recovery Scenarios.
    • Associating Recovery Scenarios to your Test.
    • Test Object.
    • Run Time object.
    • Utility objects.
    • Automation objects.
    • Shared OR/ OR manager
    • Scripting based on OR
    • Smart identification
    • Add the objects to OR manually.
    • Object Spy.
    • Managing Object Repositories.
    • Merging Shared Object Repositories.
    • Associating Shared Object Repositories to a Test.
    • Static DP
      • Property ó value
    • Dynamic DP
      • Description object
    • Getroproperty
    • getcelldata
    • analog
    • default
    • low level
    • Insight recording
    • Introduction
    • Input and output
    • Comments
    • Arrays, Date and time functions
    • String functions
    • Control statements
    • File system objects
    • Excel objects
    • Dictionary objects
    • Database objects(database checkpoint)
  • Framework Introduction

    • Coding standards
    • Modular
    • Linear framework
    • Data driven framework
    • Keyword driven framework

  • Practice on the framework

    Mock Interview

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I got UFT training from Mona. She is very good teacher, The way she explain is easy to understand the material. I would recommend her name to other students to join her class. I got Basic Mobile App Training from MR. Prasad. He is really good teacher. He explains everything In precise and simple manner. The way he teaches is very nice that anyone can understand very well. He has good knowledge in his field. I would definitely recommend his name to other students. Read more

excellent couching given by Mona, very informative and helpful. Read more

I have been attending Mona's UFT session for the past few weeks. Being from a non IT background, I feel the sessions were interesting and she makes all her sessions very interactive and the subject easy to understand. Read more

I am attending UFT classes given by Anjum. I am loving the UFT & I know its all because of Anjum. She is a great & wonderful teacher. She is always there to clear our doubts in a simple way. Read more

I have just completed a session on UFT and load runner by Anjum Khan. She not only has a good knowledge of the subject she was teaching us but she never hesitated to solve our doubts on any other subject as well. She also shared various links so that we can keep practicing on different topics. I enjoyed her class. Read more

I'm taking QTP/UFT classes from Anjum,she is an amazing tuitor.she is very knowledgeable.she explains everything in detail with examples and some important points.I really love her way of teaching and her sweet voice too.She gives a prompt response to my emails.I would like to say She is the best. Read more

My name is Madhu Narula I joined UFT Training with Anjum khan .she has wonderful Teaching abilities. She is not only our teacher but she is our Friend ,Mentor and guide all rolled in one person. she Created an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. I extremely fortunate to have her as our Teacher. I will always be grateful to Mr Rao and H2Kinfosys to providing us such a wonderful Teacher . Your review helps others learn about great local businesses. Read more

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