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APPIUM Automation Testing

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About APPIUM Automation Testing Course

  • Appium is an open source test automation tool for mobile applications. It is used for native app testing, hybrid app testing, and mobile web app testing. It supports running the apps on Android emulators, iOS simulators and real devices with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

    The mobile testing course is intended to provide hands-on training on Mobile testing using Appium. This course will cover all the basic concepts of automation testing of mobile applications. The key objectives of this course are: To provide you a good understanding of the Mobile testing skills using appium.

  • This training can be taken by anyone with knowledge on manual and Automation Testing.

    Knowledge on any automation tool is an added advantage.

  • The main objective of this course is to enhance the participants career as a Mobile Test Automation Engineer.

    This course is designed to provide software quality assurance and testing professionals with the background and tools necessary to organize automated testing efforts for mobile applications.

APPIUM Automation Testing Course Syllabus

  • 1. Appium Features

    2.Appium Internal Architecture

  • 1.Installing Android Studio & Java

    2.Configuring Syatem variables

    3. Configuring virtual devices for running tests

    4.Download Node.js and install appium via npm

    5.Appium versions

    6.Configuring Appium java client jars for front end execution.

    7.Java concepts

  • 1. Android App download for practice.

    2.What are desired capabilites? How to tal to appium Server.

    3.Invoiking Android Driver-Creating base program

    4.Execution of Appium first program on Mobile native APP.

    5.UIAutomator too usage-Inspection of elements

  • 1. Automating App UI using Xpaths and test attributes

    2.Appium API's for UI interation with Id's and class names.

    3.Handling multiple objets of apps with indexes..

    4.AndroidUIAutomator usage in identifying objects of apps

    5.Gestures Automation

  • 1. Practice exercise on Gestures

    2. Continuation on Gestures automation

    3.Automating Android key events with Appium

    4.Miscelleanous key events handling with appium

    5. Invoking app with package activity

  • 1. Configuring real device to system for running appium tests

    2. Exercise on real device-Native APPS automation

    3. Desired capabilites for real device execution

    4. Important things to know when executing on - emulator device

    5.Mobile Browser Configuration setup for Appium Tests

    6.Mobile Browser Configuration setup for Appium Tests

    7.Practice and write automation test cases

  • 1. Identifying frames from Html view

    2.Element Hidden or Invisible-How to validate

    3.Writing Generic functions to Identify Frames/Windows

    4.Example Demonstrating Multiple Frames

    5.Handling Auto suggestive dropdown options

    6. Exception handling.

  • 1.Hybrid Apps features and ways to test them

    2.Views switching Mechanisim

    3.Example on Hybrid App handling

  • 1.TestNG Installation and Setup in Eclipse

    2.TestNG Basic Annotations role in desigining Framework

    3.TestNg Annotations in depth

    4.Importance of TestNG Prerequiste Annotations

    5.Importance of TestNG xml file in Framework

    6.Including and excluding the Testcases from Execution with TestNG xml file

    • Excel API Methods explanation
    • Program for Retreiving data from excel
    • Program for Updating data back to excel
    • Code download on Excel API
  • Java first program basic

    Java program principles

    Classes, objects in Java

    Strings in Java

    Coding Basics-1

    Coding Basics-2

    Introduction to Arrays

    Single dimensional and Multidimensional arrays usage

    Examples of Arrays

    Programming example

    Access modifiers basics

    inheritance , polymorphism concepts

  • What is Xcode? Install Xcode

    Validating IOS Simulator and Downloading Java

    Installing Eclipse IDE for MAC

    Downloading Appium/Selenium Jars

  • IOS Testing Introduction

    Setting up IOS App and Appium Desktop on MAC

    IOS Driver Invocation with Desired capabilities

    Running IOS first Automation Testcase

  • Registering Sauce Labs Account for running IOS Apps on cloud

    Automating Safari Browser in Iphone with Sauce Cloud

    Getting Safari Browser objects with Useragents,Desired Capabilities for Safari on IOS

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