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H2K Infosys provides 100% job oriented instructor led-true live AWS Certified Solutions Architect by experienced professionals with latest updates in business analysis and real time scenarios.

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About AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course

  • This course will get you started with cloud computing using AWS. You will learn the importance of Availability Zones and Regions. Going forward, you will understand the ins and outs of AWS EC2 instance and load balancing. 

    The course will expose you to creating containers with EC2 service, EKS, and Fargate. 

    Speaking of storage, we will teach you how to use Amazon S3 for object storage, EFS and FSx for file storage, and EBS for block storage. 

    Having a solid understanding of databases in cloud computing is critical. You will learn about relational databases using AWS services such as Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS. 

    We also discuss how to implement encryption, identity, access management, and monitoring. By the end of the tutorial, you will have sufficient knowledge and skill to ace the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam.

  • This course is for you if

    1. You have little or no knowledge of programming and want to pivot into cloud computing

    2. You want to design and build AWS solutions that solve real-life problems.

    2. You want to get the revered AWS certification

    3. You want to take definite steps in becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

  • Cloud computing is here to stay, and the future is promising. According to Forrester Research, the cloud infrastructure market of cloud worldwide will experience a 35% growth to a whopping $120B in 2021. 

    There is a proportional increase in demand for cloud computing engineers by extension. Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing technologies of the century. Having the skill coupled with the certification, you will most likely get an entry-level position after the program. According to, a cloud computing engineer’s average salary lies at a staggering $128,424 per annum. 

    1. 100% job oriented training
    2. Instructor-led face-to-face live training
    3. Huge course syllabus on latest technologies
    4. Real-time projects to gain hands-on experience
    5. Cloud Test Lab to practice on software tools and projects
    6. Lifetime access to recorded class videos

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course Syllabus

  • Cloud Basics - 2hrs

    • What is the cloud all about?
    • Why do we need a cloud? 
    • Which are the cloud providers? 
    • IAAS vs PAAS vs SAAS 
    • Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.
    • AWS Account Creation(Free Tier) 
    • AWS Billing Alerts Setup 
  • AWS Basics - 1hrs 

    • Exploring the AWS account. 
    • Regions. 
    • AZ's. 
    • Support Centre. 
    • Services. 
  • IAM - Identity Access management - 2hrs 

    • How to create Users. 
    • How to Create Groups. 
    • IAM Policies. 
    • IAM Roles. 
    • Enabling MFA. 
    • Hands-on Tasks. 
  • EC2 - Elastic Compute Cloud - 5hrs 

    • EC2 Overview. 
    • Creating an Ec2(ubuntu, Redhat, Windows). 
    • How to SSH. 
    • Instance Type, Security Group, key pairs. 
    • Hosting a website in Ec2 using apache webserver. 
    • Public, Private, and Elastic IP. 
    • EC2 User Data. 
    • EC2 Placement Groups. 
    • EBS and Snapshots. 
    • EBS vs Instance Store. 
    • EFS 
    • AMI Creation-EC2 Creation. 
    • Hands-on Tasks 
  • RDS - Relational Database Service - 2hrs 

    • RDS Overview. 
    • Installing mysql server on ec2. 
    • Creating an RDS instance. 
    • Login to RDS instance using mysql clients. 
    • RDS Encryption and Security. 
    • Aurora Overview. 
    • ElastiCache Overview. 
    • Hands-on Tasks 
  • Application - 1hrs 

    • SNS-Simple Notification Service 
    • SES-Simple Email Service 
    • SQS-Simple Queue Service. 
    • Lambda Overview. 
    • DynamoDB. 
    • API Gateway. 
    • Kinesis. 
    • Beanstalk Overview. 
    • AWS Config Overview. 
    • AWS Organization. 
    • KMS Overview. 
    • WAF & Shield. 
    • AWS ECS.
    • CloudFront Overview. 
  • Project-Based approach - 1hrs 

    • How to Setup a project.
    • DevOps Introduction. ∙ Resume preparation.

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