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About Database Testing Training Course

  • Our expertise trainers will give you exposure on how to perform backend testing and analysis of the results with expected outcomes in a sophisticated way. A person with minimum knowledge of dealing SQL testing is an added advantage to learn database testing in an easy way. Our course curriculum covers the topics about basics of database testing, SQL queries and different types of database testing. There will be per-structured formulation of course structure of theoretical and practical assignments in a balanced way. All of our users are provided with SQL features to write effective test cases for database maintenance to avoid the data corruption. We arrange interactive sessions with instructors and technical support team to clarify the doubts in training methods and methodologies. This online qa testing course able to learn below topics of database testing in a simple manner:

    • What is database?
    • What are the objectives of database?
    • How do you define database objectives?
    • What are SQL commands and uses?
    • What is database testing?
    • How to do structural database testing?
    • How to do functional database testing?

Database Testing Training Course Syllabus

    • What is Database Application?
    • Testing the Application vs. Testing the DMBS
    • Back End vs. Front End Testing
    • QA’ ing Data
    • Who is responsible?
    • What should be test in the Database?
    • Knowledge required for the Database Tester
    • Database Testing Phases
    • Database Testing Methodologies
    • Structural Database Testing
    • Functional Database Testing
    • SQL Coding Standards
    • what you need to know
    • SQL Basics : Select, Insert, Update and Delete
    • Using the select Statement to Test data
    • Using the insert Statement to generate Test data
    • Testing for application accuracy using the Update and Delete Statements
    • Testing for basic data integrity using Constraints
    • Joining Tables
    • Using SQL Queries for Data Verification
    • How Concurrency Issue affect data accuracy
    • Database Objects
    • Views
    • Indexes
    • Stored procedures
    • Triggers
    • User Defined Functions
    • Database schema tests
    • Database and devices
    • Tables, Columns types, defaults and rules
    • Keys and indexes
    • Stored Procedure tests
    • Individual Procedure tests
    • Integration tests of procedures
    • Trigger tests
    • Testing Update triggers
    • Testing Insert triggers
    • Testing Delete triggers
    • Integration tests of SQL server
    • Checking data integrity and consistency
    • Test back end via front end

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Database Testing Training Ratings



Priya was my trainer....... I was really worried to get into the QA training classes whether I would understand the concepts easily .But, trainer Priya who is very patient and knows the subject very well made the concepts understandable with the related examples and made my worries go. Her way of teaching made the classes interesting so that I never want to miss the class anymore. She engages us so well that we won't forget the subject and give time for noting down the concepts. She responds fast with answers for the questions I put through mail. Even if it's a silly questions or we ask the concept to repeat it she definitely won't hesitate to answer it. I am really happy that I got very good knowledgeable trainer. Appreciate and thank you Priya . Read more

Thank-you breaking down the subject in small-easy to understand components. I appreciate your patience and style of teaching. I hope to take more classes from you. Read more

wonderful experience of talking class with Ritu on H2k. She is an amazing teacher, very clear on the topics, will go over again if you have even slightest of doubt. Makes the whole course so easy to understand. Thank you Ritu for making it so easy and helping me out with my doubts Read more

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