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H2K Infosys is a reliable one training portal that provides job oriented informatica online training with real time examples. We teach informatica concepts according to current job market during sessions. 

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About Informatica Training Course

  • Our Informatica course is the most complete, practical, job targeted and easy to learn class out there. It is designed keeping in mind the current and future emerging trends in the world of Data warehousing.  The class is taught by pioneers and leaders in the field and will bring to you the concepts blended uniquely with real time experiences.

  • Informatica is a data integration software solution that comes with various features and tools that help maintain and create complex data warehouses. It has various capabilities like ETL, data masking, data mapping etc.

    Its main component, the Infomatica PowerCenter helps transform data into various formats.

    Concepts like Data transformation, data mapping, workflows, data flow between different sources and targets, normalization, slowly changing dimensions, tasks & scheduling are the core of Informatica.

    Our course targets all the areas and then some to make the Informatica learning experience beneficial and rewarding.

    In the data centric business world, anything can go out of style and use-but not data and its related processes and skills. So, Informatica experienceis going to be extremely beneficial for the career in the data field. The salient features of our course are explained below.

    • The course will progress in a logical fashion to introduce the basics and then move towards the most advanced topics like Constraint based load, Incremental Aggregation, PMCMD etc.
    • In depth understanding of Data Warehouse systems, ETL and SQL are provided to start with.
    • It is a Live teacher led class that encourages participant and teacher interaction
    • All the concepts are explained with the help of real time examples.
    • Assignments are designed in a way that the theory learned can be easily applied to practical situations.
    • Interview Questions are discussed and job-targeted coaching is provided.
    • Lectures are available for offline review.
    • Resume and job search assistance is provided.

Informatica Training Course Syllabus


    • Need of Data Warehouse
    • Characteristics of OLTP and OLAP
    • Significance of ETL

    Architecture of Data Warehouse

    • Definition of Data Warehouse
    • Dimension and Fact Tables
    • Star Schema
    • Snow Flake Schema
    • Importance of Staging Area
    • Surrogate Keys
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD)

    • SCD Type 1
    • SCD Type 2
    • SCD Type 3

    Types of Dimensions and Fact Tables

    • Time Dimension
    • Types of Facts -- Additive, Semi Additive, Non Additive
    • Fact less Fact Table
  • ETL in Bigdata World

    • Introduction to Big Data
    • Where ETL fits in Big Data World
    • Introduction to Hadoop

    Understanding the Role of a Developer

    • Understanding the project flow from requirement Gathering to Production
    • Documentation maintained at each level in the flow
    • Data Mapping Document
  • Overview of Different Client Tools

    • PowerCenter Designer
    • Source Analyzer
    • Target Designer
    • Transformation Designer
    • Mapplet Designer
    • Mapping Designer
    • WorkFlow Manager
    • Task Developer
    • Worklet Developer
    • Workflow Developer
    • Workflow Monitor
  • Mapping Designer and Transformations

    • Create a Simple Mapping
    • Overview of Transformations
    • Types of Transformations -- Active and Passive
    • Expression Transformation
    • Source Qualifier Transformation
    • Filter Transformation
    • Router Transformation
    • Aggregator Transformation
    • Sorter Transformation
    • Reusable Transformation
    • Normalizer Transformation
    • Union Transformation
    • Stored Procedure Transformation
    • Sequence Generator Transformation
    • Joiner Transformation
    • Update Strategy Transformation
    • Lookup Transformation
    • Static, Dynamic and persistent Lookup Cache
    • SCD Type 1 mapping Implementation
    • Connected Vs Un-Connected Transformations
    • Multiple Pipelines in a Single Mapping
  • Tools for Unit Testing

    • Debugger
    • Verbose Data
    • Test Load

    Different Types of Sources

    • Flat Files
      • Delimited Files
      • Fixed Width Files
      • Handling Multiple Files as Source (indirect File method)
    • Data Base Tables
    • XML Files
  • Workflow Tasks

    • Command Task
    • Email Task
    • Task Link Properties
    • Event Raise Task
    • Event Wait Task
    • Sequential and Parallel Loading
    • Scheduler

    Reusable Features in Informatica

    • Reusable Transformations
    • Mapplets
    • Reusable Tasks
    • Worklets
  • Advance Features in Informatica

    • Mapping parameter and Variables
    • Session parameter
    • Incremental Loading
    • Parameter Files
    • Export and Import on Objects
    • Incremental Aggregation
    • Creating dependency on sessions
    • Partitioning
    • Deployment Group
    • Pmcmd
  • Types of Repositories

    • Global Repositories
    • Shortcut of objects
    • Local Repositories
    • Version Controlled Repository
  • ETL Testing

    • STLC
    • Bug Life Cycle
    • Structure Validation, Count Validation, Data Validation
    • Integration Testing, Volume Testing, Performance Testing
    • Severity and Priority


    • Introduction to Shell Script
    • Introduction to Data Modeling
    • Scheduling Tools
    • Agile Vs Water Fall Model

Informatica Training Ratings



Hi I was looking for some one who can guide me with Informatica luckily I found Sobhan who was teaching Informatica at H2K Infosys , he is an excellent instructor with high command on the subject along with patience who can guide even a layman . Thank you Sobhan . Along with that he helped me in preparing my resume and find the job in no time . Without the second thought Sobhan is the first choice for learning Informatica ......... Thank you Sobhan with all the help and support you gave me . Read more

I attended Mr. Sobhan's Informatica classes. Very crisp and clear informative instructor.This is the first time trying online classes. Joined with no clue how the training will be especially via online. But totally changed my perception. Highly recommended organization and instructor. Wish them good luck in their future endeavors. Read more

Informatica Training - Kiran (technical Support) has helped to install all the required tools needed for the training. He was very helpful and right up to the mark in helping everyone. Thanks Kiran and H2k Infosys team for providing these training sessions. Read more

The faculty was very knowledgeable and every topic was covered with lot of hands on. Assignments were given so that students can practice and same was reviewed in case if you stuck up some where. I would recommend this informatica training. Read more

Thanks Kiran for your help for Informatica Installation. Read more

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