Machine Learning

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About Machine Learning Course

  • • I.T. career aspirants who wish to kickstart their career in one of the hottest technologies in the market 

    • Architects, software administrators, developers, testers who want to build an effective data processing application or perform big data analysis

    • ETL developers who wish to add an additional technology in their skillset on data management

Machine Learning Course Syllabus

  • • Introduction

    • Data Preprocessing

    • Regression

    • Simple Linear Regression

    • Multiple Linear Regression

    • Polynomial Regression

    • Support Vector Regression(SVR)

    • Decision Tree Regression

    • Random Forest Regression

    • Evaluating Regression Models Performance

    • Classification

    • Logistic Regression                    

    • K-Nearest Neighbors

    • Support Vector Machine(SVM)

    • Kernel SVM

    • Naive Bayes

    • Decision Tree Classification

    • Random Forest Classification

    • Evaluating Classification Models Performance

    • Clustering

    • K-Means Clustering

    • Hierarchical Clustering

    • Association Rule Learning

    • Apriori

    • Eclat

    • Reinforcement Learning

    • Upper Confidence Bound

    • Thompson Sampling

    • Natural Language Processing

    • Deep Learning

    • Artificial Neural Networks

    • Convolutional Neural Networks

    • Dimensionality Reduction

    • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

    • Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)

    • Kernel PCA

    • Model Selection & Boosting

    • Model Selection

    • XGBoost

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Very good course, it has a nice pace on explaining things. I really liked the course! Great work! Read more

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