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H2K Infosys developed innovative online training program for concepts of AngularJS. Working professionals of IT industry designed AngularJS, which meets current job trends. 

Why H2K Infosys?

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    100% job oriented training

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    Instructor-led face-to-face live training

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    Huge course syllabus on latest technologies

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    Real-time projects to gain hands-on experience

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    Cloud Test Lab to practice on software tools and projects

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About AngularJS Training Course

  • H2kinfosys is offering you job oriented AngularJS online training through experts of IT industry. Our instructors have designed AngularJS course content according to the current job trend.

  • AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly. Angular's data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write. And it all happens within the browser, making it an ideal partner with any server technology.

    Angular is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for applications. HTML is a great declarative language for static documents. It does not contain much in the way of creating applications, and as a result building web applications is an exercise in what do I have to do to trick the browser into doing what I want?

  • AngularJS Training Objectives

    Students will:

    • Understand the design of single-page applications and how AngularJS facilitates their development
    • Properly separate the model, view, and controller layers of your application and implement them using AngularJS
    • Master AngularJS expressions, filters, and scopes
    • Build Angular forms
    • Elegantly implement Ajax in your AngularJS applications
    • Write AngularJS directives
    • Unit test and end-to-end test your AngularJS applications
  • H2Kinfosys AngularJS Training Advantages:

    • Instructor Led - Face2Face True Live Online class
    • More interaction with student to faculty and student to student.
    • Practical oriented / Job oriented Training. Practice on Software Tools & Real Time project scenarios.
    • Mock interviews / group discussions / interview related questions.
    • Test Lab is in Cloud Technology - to practice on software tools if needed.
    • Pay one time fee & attending live classes multiple times until student is comfortable with every topic.
    • Work on real time project related examples.
    • The teaching methods / tools / topics we chosen are based on the current competitive job market.
    • Session wise class notes to review by students.
    • More H2Kinfosys training Advantages

AngularJS Training Course Syllabus

    • What does AngularJS do for me?
    • Who controls AngularJS?
    • How can I get AngularJS?
    • A basic application
    • Using angular-seed
    • The pieces of the puzzle
    • How it fits together
    • Model, View, Controller from the AngularJS Perspective
    • What do we mean by Single Page Application?
    • Creating Angular Modules
    • Using Angular's Routing Service
    • Creating a Skeleton Single Page Application
    • Where Controllers fit in, and what they do, from Angular’s perspective
    • Managing Scope
    • Setting up Behavior
    • Building a basic controller
    • A more advanced controller
    • How to create a model
    • Explicit models
    • Implicit models
    • Angular's take on the View: a little bit different
    • Tying a View to a Controller
    • Tying a View to a model
    • Expressions are lightweight code snippets
    • Expression capabilities
    • Limitations
    • The border between expressions and $eval
    • Standard filters
    • Writing your own filter
    • Tying filters together
    • What are scopes?
    • What do scopes provide?
    • Scope lifecycle
    • Scopes as glue between controller and view
    • Scope hierarchies
    • Scope and events
    • Angular forms vs HTML forms
    • Angular form controls
    • Form events
    • The form controller
    • Form validation
    • High level interactions with servers
    • Low-level server interactions with $http
    • The deferred/promises API
    • Making RESTful Service calls with $resource
    • Teaching HTML new tricks
    • Binding text and attributes
    • Directive processing lifecycle
    • A basic directive
    • Directives and scopes
    • Creating reusable directives
    • Turning directives into components

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Best experience ever to join h2k ,they provide not only the job related knowledge but you will get the basic knowledge as well. Read more

At the end of the course I am fully satisfied with the teaching style and course structure.I gained much more than I expected and will continue to be in touch with H2kinfosys . Read more

I am glad I took the H2kinfosys Angularjs training. The trainers offered quality Angularjs training with real world examples and there was extensive interactivity throughout the training and this made the H2kinfosys training the best according to me. Read more

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