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H2K Infosys is a foremost online training portal provides job oriented Project Management online training with advanced concepts. 

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About Project Management Training Course

  • Project Management is a specialized niche that is intense and crucial for a project. It requires a dedicated and hands-on training as a lot can go wrong while handling a project. 

    The Project management certification enables the mid and senior-level executives in an organization to manage the projects efficiently. 

    The ideal way to become an efficient product manager is to work with the one who manages the project carefully; however, project management training can mainly help you build the following skills and techniques.

    • Project Management Tools: Handling the various project management tools such as Gantt charts, dashboards, task management, generating reports, resource management are easier said than done. The project management course mainly helps in working hands-on on the tools.

    • Effective communication with the team: Communication is a two-way street. The training improves not only build better communication skills to relay information to the team but also develop your listening skills to understand what your team has to say to their lead.

    • People management skills: These are crucial for a manager as in any big project, people's issues are expected. A project manager should be hands-on to be able to resolve such issues.

    • Materials Management: Materials management might not be a requirement in all projects. Still, a project manager should always be better prepared to handle it just enough when you need it.

    • Time Management: Meeting deadlines and time management are most important for any project. If the project is unable to meet the deadline, all the other efforts go down the drain.

    Our project management certification online course at H2K Infosys is a 20-hour program that offers a holistic approach towards the overall development of project management skills to our enrollees. That said, it also enables our learners to prepare for the global PMP® certification.

  • The project management training is designed for those who are aspiring for the following:

    • For a successful career: The training can sharpen your skills and proficiency, which can help you further in your career quickly.

    • Enhances your versatility: The rigorous course work can make you a multi-faceted personality.

    • Better job opportunities: Project management training boosts your skills at your current workplace. Still, with your experience and newly acquired skills, you will be a sought-after candidate for any potential employer.

    • Higher earning potential: The project management training can fetch you a good raise (up to 15%) on your current CTC.

    • Better visibility: With the project management certification, the managers have a higher success rate, and your earned credentials are the proof and commitment towards your profession. 

    Better performance in projects: After the project management training, the skills and knowledge would have enhanced, which will enable you to work as a better project manager.

  • Our PMP training at H2K Infosys makes our learners fully proficient in going ahead and taking up the project management professional certification offered by PMI® (Project Management Institute, USA).

    Our course is ideal for: 

    • Current project managers who hope to meet the industry standards in project management.

    • Associate project managers

    • Team Leads

    • Project executives

    • Software Developers

    • Aspiring project managers

  • H2K Infosys is a global leader in providing online training programs in a wide range of technologies. Listed below are the numerous advantages of choosing us for Project Management certification.

    Our Project Management training batches are handled by experienced trainers who also happen to be industry experts with hands-on implementation knowledge.

    • Our Project Management online courses are live-classroom sessions, led by instructors that can be streamed from the luxury of your home.

    • Life-time access to all the recorded videos of entire PMP training classes.

    • Cloud test lab access for practice.

    • We conduct mock interviews to help our learners build confidence, which subsequently enables them to crack the interviews comfortably.

    • All our online training courses are 100% job oriented. 

    • Our in-house experts create your resume after the Project Management training online course completion.

    Learning outcomes after the completion of Project Management Certification at H2K Infosys are:

    • A complete understanding of project management from planning to execution.

    • Understand the tactical, operational, and behavioral approaches in project management.

    • Assess the projects efficiently and manage the teams well.

    • Apply the latest methodologies like Agile to handle operational challenges in the project.

    • Improve your decision-making skills to drive change.

  • The project management training at H2K Infosys is designed to meet the demand for qualified project managers capable of meeting industry standards and expectations.

    Module - 1 Project Management Framework

    Module - 2 Project Management Processes

    Module - 3 Integration Management

    Module - 4 Scope Management

    Module - 5 Time Management

    Module - 6 Cost Management

    Module - 7 Quality Management

    Module - 8 Communication Management

    Module - 9 Human Resource Management

    Module - 10 Risk Management

    Module - 11 ETL Testing, Data warehouse Testing

    Refer to our course syllabus section for exact details.

Project Management Training Course Syllabus

    • Stakeholder
    • Stakeholder management
    • Organizational structure
      • Matrix
      • Functional
      • Projectized
      • Project expediter
      • Project coordinator
    • Constraints
    • Lessons learned
    • Definition of a project
    • Definition of a project management
    • Definition of a program
    • Definition of a portfolio
    • Project management office (PMO)
    • Product life cycle
    • Project life cycle
    • Operational work
    • Tight matrix
  • What is done during each of the project management processes?

    • Initiating
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Monitoring and controlling 
    • Closing
    • Integration management process
    • Process for making changes
    • Integrated change control
    • Project management plan
      • Management plans
      • Requirements management plan
      • Change management plan
      • Process improvement plan
    • Project charter
    • Business case
    • Project selection
    • Baseline
    • Project documents
    • Change requests
    • Project manager’s role as integrator
    • Ensure common understanding and being of service
    • Enterprise environmental factors
    • Organizational process assets
      • Processes, procedures, policies
      • Corporate knowledge base
      • Historical information
      • Lessons learned
    • Corrective actions
    • Preventive action
    • Defect repair
    • Change control system
    • Change control board
    • Project management plan updates
    • Kickoff meeting
    • Work authorization system
    • Project statement of work
    • Present value
    • Net present value
    • Internal rate of return
    • Payback period
    • Benefit cost ratio
    • Economic value added
    • Opportunity cost
    • Sunk costs
    •  Working capital
    • Scope management process
    • Scope baseline
    • Requirements documentation
    • Requirements traceability matrix
    • Requirements management plan
    • Work breakdown structure (WBS)
    • How to create a WBS
    • Scope management plan
    • Project scope statement
    • Work package
    • Activity
    • Decomposition
    • WBS dictionary
    • Definition of scope management
    • Project scope
    • Constraints
    • Validated deliverables
    • Requirements gathering techniques
    • Time management process
    • Schedule baseline
    • Schedule compression
      • Crashing
      • Fast tracking
    • Activity list
    • Network diagram
    • Precedence diagramming method (PDM)
    • Critical path
    • Three-point estimate
    • Monte Carlo analysis
    • Bar charts
    • Milestone charts
    • Schedule management plan
    • Variance
    • Milestones
    • One-point estimate
    • Padding
    • Analogous estimating
    • Critical path method
    • Near-critical path
    • Re-estimating
    • Cost management process
    • Earned value measurement
      • PV
      • EV
      • AC
      • CPI
      • SPI
      • BAC
      • EAC
      • ETC
      • VAC
      • CV
      • SV
    • Cost baseline
    • Cost budget
    • Three-point estimating
    • Analogous estimating
    • Cost management plan
    • Variable/fixed costs
    • Direct/indirect costs
    • Life cycle costing
    • Value analysis
    • Quality Management process
    • Definition of quality
    • Quality Management plan
    • Continuous improvement
    • Quality tools
    • Control chart
    • Special cause variation
    • Control limits
    • Mean
    • Specification limits
    • Out of control
    • Rule of seven
    • Pareto chart
    • Cause and effect diagram
    • Benchmarking
    • Checklist
    • Flowchart
    • Run chart
    • Scatter diagram
    • Prevention over inspection
    • Gold plating
    • Just in time
    • Quality audits
    • Cost benefit analysis
    • Cost of quality
    • Communication Management process
    • Stakeholders
    • Communication Management Plan
    • Stakeholder Register
    • Communication type
      • Formal written
      • Informal written
      • Formal verbal
      • Informal verbal
    • Communication channels
    • Human resource management process
    • Role of
      • Project manager
      • PM Team
      • Sponsor
      • Team
      • Stakeholders
      • Functional manager
      • Program manager
    • HR responsibilities for project managers
    • Human resource plan
    • Staffing management plan
    • Recognition and rewards systems
    • Team building
    • Ground rules
    • Issue log
    • Responsibility assignment matrix
      • RACI chart
    • Motivation theory
      • McGregor's X an Y
      • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
      • McClellend's theory of needs
      • Herzberg's theory
    • Halo effect
    • Co-location/war room
    • Arbitration
    • Perquisites
    • Fringe benefits
    • Preassignment
    • Virtual teams
    • Stages of team formation and development
    • Risk management process
    • Definition of risk management
    • Threats
    • Opportunities
    • Risk register
    • Risk management plan
    • Reserves (contingency and management)
    • Probability and impact matrix
    • Monte Carlo analysis
    • Expected monetary value
    • Contingency plans
    • Fallback plans
    • Watchlist
    • Workarounds
    • Types of risk
    • Risk response owner
    • Secondary risks
    • Risk triggers
    • Risk threshold
    • Decision tree
    • Risk factors
    • Procurement management process
    • Procurement management plan
    • Contract types
      • FP
      • T&M
      • CR
    • Advantages/disadvantages of each contract forms
    • Termination
    • Breach
    • What is a contract
    • Project manager’s role in procurement
    • Procurement documents RFP, IFB, RFQ
    • Types of procurement statements of work
    • Make-or-buy
    • Formal acceptance
    • Source selection criteria
    • Standard contract
    • Terms and conditions
    • Advertising
    • Centralized/decentralized contracting
    • Lessons learned
    • Nondisclosure agreement
    • Teaming agreement
    • Force majeure

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Project Management Training Ratings



Handling 10 different minds in a class is not easy. Handling people who do not have good experience is not easy. As per my experience with H2K training, they did good job for the money I paid. Mr. Shah is very good experienced person. Read more

The best place or platform to learn project management training! Mr. Shah has a high knowledge of project management. He keeps checking the understanding of the learners frequently during the class. Read more

The faculty was very knowledgeable and every topic was covered with lot of hands on. Assignments were given so that students can practice and same was reviewed in case if you stuck up some where. I would recommend this training. Read more

Mr. Shah was a very good trainer. He explained the concepts very well and made an effort in more than one way to ensure a complete understanding of the concepts. He made the class very interesting. Read more

Overall, wonderful learning experience at H2K Infosys. Best place to learn the Project Management course. Mr. Shah is a highly-skilled, soft-spoken, and a very knowledgeable trainer. The live examples and demonstrations made the concepts very clear. The training sessions were very interactive. Read more

The 20-hour project management training program offered by H2K Infosys was very educational. I liked it as it helped me gain knowledge and confidence to prepare for PMP certification. The program has added quite a few more skills to strengthen my basics. Read more

I am extremely impressed by the way Mr. Shah handled the online project management classes. He ensured that all the topics are very clear from the training point of view. The overall training definitely deserves a 5-star rating! Read more

This is my first online class. The coaching was really good and met my expectations. The way Mr. Shah delivered the training was clear and up to the mark. Looking forward to joining more training courses from H2K Infosys. Thank you, Mr. Shah. Keep up your good work!! Read more

Quite an educational training experience during the 20-hour project management course! Mr. Shah dealt with the topics with an excellent flow of quality content. Kudos to the H2K Infosys team and Mr. Shah! Read more

I came to know about H2K Infosys through one of my sources and got registered for the project management program. I don’t regret it for a moment. Everything was explained in a detailed manner providing real-time examples and problems. Read more

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