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RPA Certification Course

Best Robotic Process Automation Online Training Course for Advanced learning and creating automation, RPA Bots, Data Manipulation using real-life industrial case studies

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About RPA Certification Course Course

  • Our Robotic Process automation course is an intensive 30-hour program that can help you master the process automation techniques in quick easy steps. Activities, daily exercises, and quizzes are a part of each session to make the learning experience hands-on and educative. Introduction to RPA, UIPath Basics, Email automation, RPA Life Cycle, Projects are the key topics of the program.

  • With the professionals witnessing a major shift to the latest technologies, one might say that Robotic Process Automation is one of the booming technologies of today. Almost all industries such as banking, finance, information technology, are adopting the RPA. As the adage goes ‘Make Hay When the Sunshines’, master the technology when there is a huge demand for this.

    Mentioned below are the key reasons why the aspirants should consider taking up this program:

    • Robotic Process Automation is likely to double by 2021

    • 98% of the companies are happy about employing Robotic Process Automation for their process automation

    • The average pay for Technical Automation Architect is above 110,000 USD per annum.

  • Robotic Process Automation is the process of automating the repetitive, routine tasks which are essentially performed by the relevant experts in the industry. However, automating such tasks save money, effort, and time. 

    The Robotic Process Automation enables expediting the processes, reducing human error, and increases customer satisfaction. The bots take over the processes and complete the tasks faster to produce better quality work output.

    Software engineers, testers, or any IT professionals are eligible for this RPA training course.

    • Introduction to RPA

    • UIPath Basics

    • Email Automation

    • Excel and Datatables

    • RPA Life Cycle

    • Hands-on RPA Project

    • Interview Preparation

RPA Certification Course Course Syllabus

    • 1.1 Introduction - Robotic Process Automation
    • 2.1 Do You Need RPA Certification
    • 2.2 What is RPA
    • 2.3 RPA Benefits
    • 3.1 Installation  
    • 3.2 Managing Activities
    • 3.3 UiPath Studio
    • 3.4 User Interface
    • 3.5 Sequences
    • 3.6 Flow Charts – (Hands on experience in Lab session)
    • 3.7 Statemachines -
    • 3.8 Variables
    • 3.9 Text Variables
    • 3.10 Boolean Variables
    • 3.11 Number Variables
    • 3.12 Array Variables
    • 3.13 Date and Time Variables
    • 3.14 Generic Variables6
    • 3.17 Using Arguments
    • 3.18 Recorder
    • 3.19 Desktop Recorder
    • 3.20 Chrome Extension
    • 3.22 Ui Elements
    • 3.33 Activities
    • 3.34 Selectors
    • 3.35 Text Recognition Activities
    • 3.36 Structured Data
    • 3.37 Unstructured Data
    • 3.38 For Each Loop
    • 3.39 While Loop
    • 3.40 If Activity
    • 3.41 Switch Activity
    • 3.42 Break Activity
    • 4.1 Excel Activities
    • 4.2 Application Scope
    • 4.3 Read Range3
    • 4.4 Close Workbook
    • 4.5 Read & Write Range
    • 4.6 Read Row2
    • 4.7 Append Range
    • 4.8 Build Datatable
    • 4.9 Add Column2
      4.10 Select Datatables4
      4.11 Filter Datatable
    • 5.1 Outlook Creation
    • 5.2 Outlook Configuration
    • 5.3 Read Emails
    • 7.1 PDD Validation
    • 7.2 Process Definition Document
    • 7.3 Object Mapping
    • 7.3 Uipath ReFramework
    • 7.4 Stock Queue Loader
    • 7.5 Read and Save Emails
    • 7.6 Read and Save Emails Demo
    • 7.7 Orchestrator Robot Provisioning
    • 7.8 Create Queue
    • 7.9 Add Queue Item
    • 7.10 Initialize Applications
    • 7.11 Close Applications
    • 7.12 Kill Processes
    • 7.13 Exception Handling
    • 7.14 Get Queue Item
    • 7.15 Get Transaction Item
    • 7.16 Get Transaction Code Modification
    • 7.17 Process Transaction Demo
    • 7.18 Update Transaction Demo
    • 7.19 Scrape SEC3
    • 7.20 Scrape ACM1 website and manipulate the data
    • 7.21 End 2 End Demo
    • Interview Sessions & Project Discussions

Interview Questions

Sample Resumes

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RPA Certification Course Ratings



I joined H2K Infosys for RPA online training. Every scenario was taught in a practically applicable manner. The trainer, Mr. Subash taught us the basics and gradually introduced the advanced concepts which made the entire learning process fun and easy. What I like the most is that in RPA, there are many lab sessions for email automation and excel and data tables concepts. All the topics are covered and are in line with the curriculum. Read more

H2K Infosys is one of a kind training provider for Robotic Process Automation training. I suggest this center to anyone interested in learning these concepts from a genuine place. Read more

I have recently completed the Robotic Process Automation course from H2K Infosys. Mr.Subash, the trainer, and the support team have helped me all the way from enrollment through placement. The classes were very interesting and also the instructor was very good. He has covered all the real-time scenarios very well. Read more

I have attended the RPA classes online from H2K Infosys. I want to thank the management and especially Mr. Subash, the trainer for his way of teaching. He ensured that the students get the whole concepts from the basics to the end. He encouraged us to do well in the sessions and groomed us for interviews. My personal experience is that I had an amazing experience with H2K Infosys. Read more

The instructor, Mr. Subash here is highly professional as he taught the RPA training course in an understandable manner. The main thing which attracts me is, the trainer is always available when I need him. They always provide recorded sessions if I skip a class which makes me confident that I won’t miss out on anything. Read more

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