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We provide 100% job oriented salesforce admin certification Training with real-time project work to gain experience.

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About Salesforce Admin Certification Course

  • Our Salesforce Admin certification course aims to make our learners master all the concepts that are required of a Salesforce Admin. 

    Our expertly designed curriculum covers end to end Salesforce Administration from creating organizational set up on Global UI, forming user setup, controlling and managing security controls and access, handle sales and management applications, conduct and support community applications, data management, creating analytics reports and dashboards, and develop capabilities to handle both desktop and mobile administration of Salesforce1.

  • To understand the role of a Salesforce Admin, let’s begin with understanding what Salesforce is? 

    Salesforce is essentially the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) solution developed by with the goal of improving the relationship between the businesses and their respective customers. 

    Salesforce is a single platform that brings various horizontals or departments such as, marketing, sales, finance, services, views of customers, their feedback, their history, etc. together. 

    There are broadly six roles that can work on the Salesforce platform.

    • Salesforce Administrator

    • App Builder

    • Consultant

    • Architect

    • Developer

    • Specialist

    At H2K Infosys, we provide an end to end Salesforce course which can present our learners with numerous opportunities of a long-term satisfying career path as Salesforce Admins or help them excel in the career they are already on.  

    What does Salesforce Admin do?

    A Salesforce Administrator is essentially a system admin who is proficient in the Salesforce suite of products. They are sort of gatekeepers for their company’s sales and marketing data. They are responsible for creating and determining the level of access the user gets within their company.

    Salesforce Administrators work with stakeholders on a closer level by working on their requirements with the goal to customize the platform. Their main responsibilities lie in:

    • Understanding the companies’ unique needs

    • Setup and maintain the platform, make it easy and user-friendly for the customers to work on

    • Incorporate the latest tools, capabilities, and updates.

    • They act as a crucial bridge between business and technology.

  • As a Salesforce Admin, the employers do not expect technical skills per se. A good certification course can help you fetch Salesforce Admin opportunities. 

    However, our learners can alternatively choose to appear for Salesforce Certified Administrator certification after our course completion at H2K Infosys as it essentially instills our learners on all the knowledge gaps.

    Furthermore, while our Salesforce Admin course at H2K Infosys can help you get placed as Salesforce Administrators, our learners can opt for Salesforce certification from while on the job after at least six months to one year of experience.

  • Salesforce platform is a highly adopted CRM solution in almost all the top Fortune 500 companies. And hence, the Salesforce Admin jobs are on a constant rise too. 

    That said, Salesforce Admins are one of the few professionals who have to stay updated with the latest technology and emerging tools. 

    • Therefore, this role is for those professionals who love to update themselves frequently and enjoy working on the latest technologies.

    • Additionally, professionals currently working as administrators or on other CRM products and anticipate to draw higher pay package can also enroll for our Salesforce Admin certification program.

    • Courses such as Salesforce Developer certification and Salesforce Admin courses add immense value to your resume and can open up a sea of opportunities for our learners. 

    • Salesforce CRM solution is widely adopted across industries like retail, government, financial, healthcare, software, etc. Therefore, the demand for Salesforce professionals is inevitable.

  • Our Salesforce certification course can prep you with all the essential qualifications needed for taking up the role of an administrator on the Salesforce platform. 

    Additionally, with 6 months to one-year experience as a Salesforce admin, our learners can also qualify for appearing the Salesforce Administrator Exam (ADM). 

    At H2K Infosys, Salesforce Admin training is delivered by incorporating assignments and quizzes in almost every class. This can essentially help our learners in applying the skills taught during the theory sessions right away. Real-time case studies are also a part of our curriculum where you can achieve finesse and confidence that comes handy while facing the challenges at the workplace. 

    Through our instructor-led, interactive live sessions, cloud-test lab facilities, 24 * 7 support, lifetime access to recorded videos, our learners can easily excel in the Salesforce Admin training and get successfully placed in the top MNCs.

  • The Salesforce training for Admin role from H2K Infosys is ideal for all the professionals who love managing customer relationships, draw insights from their history of purchases, their feedbacks, and working on cloud computing. 

    Based on the enrollments we get on a regular basis, the following are the professionals who consider taking up Salesforce Admin course at the most:

    • Siebel professionals

    • Professionals working on other CRM products

    • Consultants who are looking to switch to working on Salesforce Admin

    • Java Developers

    • Mainframe and C# developers who are looking to work on latest technologies

    • Beginners who are hoping to kick-start their careers through cloud computing.

    For enquiring on more details and Salesforce certification cost at H2K Infosys, contact us at +1 – 770 – 777 – 1269.

  • There are no prerequisites to learn Salesforce Admin training course, however, a prior knowledge as an administrator, software developer, or a functional consultant can be beneficial.












    For exact details on the course curriculum, check out our course syllabus section.

Salesforce Admin Certification Course Syllabus

    • Describe the information found in the company profile (e.g., fiscal year, business hours, currency management, default settings, company information).
    • Distinguish between the various UI features that an administrator controls, including the implications (e.g., UI settings, search settings, list views, home page layouts).
    • Identify the steps to set up and/or maintain a user (e.g., assign licenses, reset passwords, and resolve locked user accounts).
    • Understand the implications of activating, deactivating, or freezing a user.
    • Explain the various organization security controls (e.g., passwords, IP restrictions, identity confirmation, network settings).
    • Given a user request scenario, apply the appropriate security controls based on the features and capabilities of the Salesforce sharing model (e.g., organization-wide defaults, roles, and the role hierarchy, manual sharing, sharing rules, and public groups).
    • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate use of a custom profile or permission set using the various profile settings and permissions.
    • Describe how folders can be used to organize and secure communication templates, dashboards, reports, and documents.
    • Describe the standard object architecture and relationship model.
    • Explain how to create, delete, and customize fields and page layouts on standard and custom objects, and understand the implications of deleting fields.
    • Given a scenario, determine how to create and assign page layouts, record types, and business processes for custom and standard objects.
    • Given a scenario, identify the capabilities and implications of the sales process.
    • Given a scenario, identify the appropriate sales productivity features using opportunity tools and know when products and Price Books should be used (e.g., big deal alerts, update reminders, similar opportunities, competitors, team selling).
    • Describe the capabilities of lead automation tools and campaign management.
    • Describe the capability of Salesforce Content.
    • Describe the capabilities of case management (e.g., case processes, case settings, and case comments).
    • Given a scenario, identify how to automate case management (e.g., case assignment, auto-response, escalation, web-to-case, email-to-case, case teams).
    • Describe the capabilities of solution management (e.g., settings, categories, processes) and Salesforce Knowledge.
    • Describe the capabilities of the Community application (e.g. Ideas, Answers).
    • Describe the capabilities of activity management (e.g., manage tasks, events, public calendars, multi-day events, cloud scheduler).
    • Describe the features of Chatter (e.g., feed, groups, following, security).
    • Describe the considerations when importing, updating, transferring, and mass deleting data (e.g., CSV files, field matching, matching types, record IDs, external IDs, duplicate records).
    • Given a scenario, identify tools, and use cases for managing data (e.g., dataloader, data import wizard).
    • Describe the capabilities and implications of data validation tools.
    • Describe the different ways to back up data (e.g., weekly data export service, exports, dataloader).
    • Describe the options available when creating or customizing a report (e.g., report type, report format, fields, summarizing data, filtering data, charting, scheduling, and conditional highlighting).
    • Describe the impact of the sharing model on reports.
    • Describe the options available when creating and modifying dashboards (e.g., dashboard components, data sources, chart types, scheduling, and running user).
    • Describe the capabilities of custom report types.
    • Given a scenario, identify the appropriate automation solution based on the capabilities of workflow/process.
    • Describe capabilities and use cases for the approval process.
    • Describe the capabilities of Salesforce1.
    • Describe the installation and synchronization options of Salesforce Lightning for Outlook.
    • Identify use cases for AppExchange applications

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The instructor, Ms. Akanksha is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate in the way she conducts his classes. She has always been there to answer all my questions during the course. Overall, a brilliant investment as I have learned a lot from the training. I’m now very confident that I will be successful in taking up my new responsibilities as Salesforce Admin. I would definitely recommend you to join H2K Infosys. Read more

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I had enrolled for the Salesforce course at H2K Infosys. It was a good learning experience. Ms. Akanksha was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional to the core.She cleared my queries with great patience. She assigned us various quizzes and exercises on different concepts to ensure a complete understanding of the concepts and also exposed to real-time scenarios. Thank you, for providing a wonderful training! Read more

Ms. Akanksha, the trainer is an expert in this field.She focuses on minute details and at the same time brings awareness on the complex concepts among the learners. Her teaching methodology is unique; she starts with the very basics as she works on building the foundation, and later on, it becomes simple as she introduces the complicated concepts. Her classes are very well-structured, organized, and delivered per the curriculum plan.The training was a good bargain for the Salesforce certification cost they charge.The course is just about right if you hope to appear for the Salesforce Admin certification exam from Thank you! Read more

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