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10 reasons to choose selenium as automation testing tools

While considering automation testing, selenium plays a major role in web browsers. Many developers and programmers across the globe prefer using selenium as an automation tool.

There are many automation tools available in the world, why do professionals choose selenium as an automation testing tool? Hence selenium is an open-source automation tool used in a different web browser for automation testing.

By choosing selenium training you can gain more knowledge about the automation tools and resources of the organization. At the end of the article you can realize the benefits of performing automation testing by selenium and why it is more preferable than other automation testing tools.

According to the organizational needs, the selenium is categorized into four different tools

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Web driver

Why is selenium used?

Selenium is generally used to automate the testing tools on different web browsers. It supports various browsers like IE, Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, and Firefox and you can easily automate browser testing across the browsers by using selenium WebDriver.

Advantages of using selenium for automated testing

Open source availability

The main advantage of selenium is its open-source availability. So being an open-source tool, it has a publicly accessible automation framework and the cost of the selenium tools are free. The selenium continuously helps the software developers and engineers in automating the web browsers’ functionality and features. The Selenium is an open-source assist in code management and increases the performance of predefined classes and functions. Selenium has become a valid automation tool because it generates the test scripts to check functionality.

Ease of implementation

The usability of selenium automation tools is very easy. Selenium offers a user-friendly approach; it helps to create and execute the test scripts easily and effectively. While running the test you could see the visual images. You can also examine the selenium reports and take up the following actions. When you face any kind of issue, you can directly communicate with the selenium community.

Language and framework support

Selenium tools support all major languages like python, selenium java, JavaScript, C#, Perl, and Ruby programming language for software automation tools. In selenium, scripts can be written any programming language and later it converts into selenium compatible codes. There are no individual languages available for selenium. Selenium has dedicated frameworks for every programming language that helps to write the test scripts for selenium automation. When you choose selenium as a tool for automation testing, you needn’t worry about the framework and languages, selenium itself does everything for you.

Multi-browser support

The Selenium community works every day in their updating process. The most used browsers worldwide are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, internet explorer opera, and edge browsers and the selenium script is suitable for all the above-mentioned browsers. There is no need to write scripts for every browser, just one script is enough for all browsers. The main aim of providing selenium training online to know detailed information about the selenium automation tools. By learning online, you can choose a suitable time and also make your learning process easier.

10 reasons to choose selenium as automation testing tools

Support operating systems

Different developers use different operating systems and it is always necessary to choose automation tools which support all of them. Selenium is a highly portable tool that supports various operating systems like Linux, macOS, UNIX, etc. You can design the selenium test scripts in any of the platforms and execute the same test scripts on other platforms like Mac or Linux. This helps the software testers and developers to write their test automation scripts on any platforms.

Reusability and integration

Selenium automation tools are reusable and can be examined across various operating systems and browsers. An important thing in selenium is that it is not encompassed with entire web automation testing tools. For broadening the testing process, selenium needs a third-party framework and add-ons. For example, if you need to merge selenium with Junit and TestNG for running the test cases and producing reports. But for continuous testing, merge it with the CI/CD tools like Docker, Maven, and Jenkins. 

For executing the visual image process, you need to combine the selenium automation with the Sikuli tool and for executing cross Browser testing you need to use the Lambda test with a cloud grid. This shows that you can combine selenium with almost all types of management tools.

Parallel test execution

Automated testing is done to save time and effort. You could execute multiple tests in parallel with the help of a selenium grid, this will reduce the execution time. You can test hundreds of browsers in parallel using selenium with the help of cross grids for cross-browser testing. You can save more time by following this execution technique.


In the testing lifecycle, test management is very important. With selenium features, it becomes easier and more efficient like collecting and editing test cases. This helps the testers and developers to change their code quickly, minimize complications, reduce duplications, and improves maintainability. These features make selenium look best among all the types of automation tools.

Less hardware usage

When the selenium is compared with other automation tools like QTP, UFT, and Silk Test. It has been noted that selenium requires less hardware as compared to the other testing tools.

Easy to learn and use

Selenium testing scripts are not like writing a hundred pages of algorithms. Selenium writing is like writing a piece of code to automate the functionality of your website. Selenium documentation is very helpful for the testers and developers to begin their selenium automation testing. If you want to learn deep about selenium automation tools then join the selenium training near me which will offer you various live classes, tutorials and through this, you can be an expert in automation training.

Bottom line

The above-given factors explain about the selenium automation tools usage and functionalities. You can be successful by doing courses in automation testing. The future is moving towards the automation testing field. Be open up to learn new techniques and make your professional life stronger.

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