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Why Python Developers Should Learn SQL

Python should be the first language you learn if you intend to pursue a career in programming or data analysis. But it is worth expanding your skill set if you want to stand out as a candidate on the job market.

Besides Python, SQL knowledge might be essential for you to succeed. Together, these two crucial technologies are frequently used in data-related projects. Knowing both languages will put you two steps ahead of your competitors. Let’s explore the advantages of being proficient in both Python and SQL. Check out our free Python course to learn more.

What Is a Python Developer?

It is very likely that you possess the Python developer gene if you are excited about the benefits of using Python. But there is still the question: What does a Python developer actually do?

In general, a Python developer is a programmer or software engineer who focuses on using the Python language to create websites, software solutions, or applications.

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A skilled Python developer possesses the ability to write code, design algorithms, and put software solutions into action. The Python standard library as well as the several frameworks and libraries that are frequently used in their particular field (for example, Flask or Django for web development, Pandas for data research and analysis, or SciPy for machine learning) must be familiar to them.

Being a Python developer opens up many fascinating career options. Financial rewards are just one of the many benefits of working in this field. The estimated yearly salary for a Python developer in the US is $102,672 according to Glassdoor!

Why Should Python Developers Learn SQL?

Python is an excellent and in-demand tool. Why then should Python developers study SQL as opposed to sticking to the one language?

The language used to manage data in an organised manner and communicate with relational databases is called Structured Query Language, or SQL. Learning SQL is important for Python developers for a number of reasons.

Why Python Developers Should Learn SQL

Let’s talk about databases first. Relational databases are used by many systems and applications to store and manage data. Since SQL is the common language for interacting with these databases, Python developers must be familiar with it in order to deal with databases.

Large-scale dataset analysis and sophisticated query execution are considerably simplified by SQL. SQL can be effectively used by Python developers to filter, sort, and organise data before subsequently processing it in Python. Data manipulation operations like updating, deleting, and putting data into databases can also benefit from the use of SQL. SQL is a tool that Python developers can use to create, edit, and remove database tables, which is helpful for data management.

Gaining knowledge of SQL can help database administrators and Python developers collaborate and communicate more effectively. SQL is a tool that database administrators and Python developers can use to optimise queries and improve database speed, as well as to extract data from databases.

Python is frequently used in front-end and back-end development, a process known as full-stack development. Databases are usually used by backend systems to store and retrieve data. Understanding SQL allows developers to create and maintain database schemas, compose effective queries, and guarantee seamless interaction between frontend and backend elements.

Why Python Developers Should Learn SQL

Scientific computing and data analysis both make extensive use of Python. Several data analysis tasks require interacting with huge datasets that are kept in databases. Python developers that are proficient in SQL can effectively extract and convert data, carry out computations and aggregations, and use SQL queries to get insightful results.

The technical and IT job market is often described as an ideal environment for growth, one that is ready for new developers and offers countless opportunities. This is accurate in certain respects, but it does not imply that there is no competition or that jobs are given out at random. Gaining knowledge of Python and SQL will increase your employment options. Your adaptability and value to potential employers will increase.

Additionally, a lot of data-related positions demand SQL and Python experience. Don’t be hesitant; the more knowledge you possess, the more employable you will be.


Learning SQL is a wise decision if you want to work as a Python developer. You’ll learn how to use databases efficiently, carry out data analysis activities, and create reliable back-end systems. Gaining proficiency in both languages offers a solid basis for creating data-driven apps and managing large datasets. Additionally, having knowledge of Python and SQL will improve your job prospects. Thus, don’t delay! Gaining knowledge of Python and SQL will help you work more productively and land a job that is rewarding. You can get your certification on python programming first, and then proceed to learn SQL.

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