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3 Basic quality management and control tools

Here the quality is related to a product, application, project deliverables and any document quality. The quality can be measured in terms of performance, reliability, ease of use. Quality management system is a organised process for achieving quality objectives for organisations. QMS has the organisational goals, processes and policies which continuously highlight on meeting customer requirements and progressing their satisfaction.

Quality management system has following objectives

  • Improving internal processes
  • Lower cost
  • Reusability
  • Optimum utilisation of resources
  • It helps in achieving organisation goal
  • Data management
  • continuously improved customer satisfaction

Quality management makes sure the quality of products and services. It is most crucial for all business and organisation as if the customer has received the quality products then we are in meeting their expectations which leads to customer loyalty.

Quality management tools which will help in achieving different organisation goals and objectives. Many organisations are using quality management tools to monitor quality initiatives. There is list of basic Quality tools. They are:

  1. Flowchart

We are aware of the term Flowchart, a flowchart diagram which represents a workflow process, algorithm or a step by step process connected by different directions. These flowcharts are used for the representation of all the organisational structures, document work process flow, billing transaction flow etc.

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Flowchart allows recognising the actual flow of events in a system. It is the step of process which look like and also throw some light on the quality issues. Flowchart will allow the recognising actual flow of events in a system. It is the step of process that will always provide information or picture of what the process it looks and has some light on quality issues.

Consider an example of login process into the system or may be application where only if both the username and password which are correct,it goes to the next flow or may be else it will display an error message and ask the user to enter the credentials.


This factor of designing flowchart is to assume steps instead of each process step. In flowchart all the steps are co-relating with each other and the output of the first step is used as an input to the next step.

  1. Check sheet-

The check sheet is used to gather the data and information in an easy format. It increases accuracy in data collection process with easy method and format.t significantly reduces efforts for data  collections as well. This data collection is based on actual facts and figures rather than imaginary numbers and item.

This data collection methodology will produce some sort of output and this output is in the different data format that is always easy for analysis. This check sheet is typically a list of questions or problems that prevent to deliver a quality product. This series of  questions needs to be resolved.

The check sheet is allowed during the review process, before production validation or may in any other project management activity. It is used to make sure that the necessary which are pre-requisite which has been completed and all the required steps have been completed and all the required steps have been carried out before committing the business user about the document.

Consider an example, the human resource development tracks the number of questions raised on each day under different categories.

Check Sheet
  1. Cause-Effect Diagram

Cause –effect is also called as Fish-bone diagram as a the shape is somewhat similar to the side view of a fish skeleton. During problem solving, everyone in the team who has a different opinion about the root cause of the issue problem. Here the fish bone diagram captures all causes, ideas and uses brain storming method to identify the strongest root cause. Cause-effect diagram lists reasons of specific problems or issues related to the processor system.

Cause Effect Diagram


1. What are system objectives?

2. What are the steps to design flowchart?

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