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5 Data Visualisation Tools

Data visualisation tools assist all from marketers to data scientists who will make raw data and explain everything by using charts, graphs and also videos.

The data visualisation tools are:

  1. DataBox
Databox Review

Databox is called as data visualization tool used over 15000 businesses and marketing agencies. This Databox will fetch data into one place which tracks real time performance with getting visuals. This Databox is good for marketing teams that want quickly get the set up done with dashboards.

  1. Zoho Analytics
Zoho Analytics

The Zoho Analytics is one amongst best most popular BI tools. Zoho analytics is extremely useful for uploading data securely. We can use wide ways of charts and tables and also components to convert our data into the concise manner.


  • This assists us to make visually appealing data visualisation reports.
  • It decidedly is straight forward and therefore the dashboard is extremely  intuitive.
  • This gives an extensive customer support, which becomes easier .
  1. Tableau
Tableau - Best Data Visualization Tools

We can work out and visualise data easily, then Tableau is data visualisation tool for you. It supports us to create the chart, maps and each other type of types of professional graphics. To upgrade our visual representations we are able find the applications additionally.

 The advantages are

  • This product is mobile friendly
  • It accepts extensive customer support.
  • It allows us to perform data blending.
  • It allows access all types of data analytics, including IT analytics.
  1. Infogram
Infogram cover image

Infogram is an web based data visualization and infographics platform. It also permits us to make and also share infographics, maps and charts by taking all the user data and converting it to compelling graphics.

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The advantages

  • Being useful for useful for corporate and government bodies and also student friendly
  • It creates customisable templates to assists to help us add colors, fonts, logo.
  • This templates will assist in create social media images, dashboards and reports.

3. Sisense

Sisense is regarded one of the most agile data visualization tools.This Sisense will give users access instant data analytics where at time.The best in class visualization tool will identify key data patterns and also summarize statistics to make decision for data driven decisions.

The features of Sisense are

  • It is ideal for mission critical projects involving massive datasets
  • Reliable interference
  • High class customer support
  • Quick upgrade
  • flexibility of seamless customisation.

There are many disadvantages 

  • This is developing and maintaining analytical cubes.
  •  This will not support time formats
  • Limited visualization versions.

4. Plotly

This is an open source data visualization tool, Plotly will give a full integration with analytics centric programming languages like Matlab, Python and R that enable complex visualization. They are widely used for collaborative work for disseminating, modifying, creating and also sharing interactive, graphical data. Plotly is supported both on premises installation and also cloud deployment.

The advantages are:

  • It will allow online editing of charts
  • It has high quality image export
  • Highly interactive interface
  •  server hosting facilities easy sharing.

The disadvantages are:

  • There is a speed concern
  • There are free version having multiple limitations
  • Many screen flashings create confusion and distraction

5. Data Wrapper

It is one of the data visualization tools on the market  that will be available for free. It is popular among media enterprises because of its inherent ability to quickly create charts and present statistics in graphical format on big data. There are featuring and simple and intuitive interface,data wrapper will allow users to create maps and also charts that they can easily embed into the reports.

The advantages are

  • It does not require installation for chart creation
  • Ideal for beginners
  • It is free to use

The disadvantages are

  • building complex charts like Sankey is a problem
  • security is an issue, because it is an open source tool.


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