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5 Python Challenges That will Develop your Programming Skills

It should come as no surprise that Python is one of the most popular programming languages given its adaptability and user-friendliness. Python offers services to a wide range of individuals with various backgrounds, such as data scientists, web developers, and software engineers.

So if adaptability and versatility are your strong suits, Python is the language for you! With these five Python challenges, investigate all the many Python packages, such as Plotly and Dash, to advance your programming skills. Enrolling in the online Python certification course can help you learn more about Python.

Why take a Python challenge?

Coding exercises are a fantastic method to develop your Python skills. You can advance your abilities using projects selected for various skill levels by working with a variety of datasets, such as:

  • Bitcoin Price Information
  • The appeal of Disney films
  • The mood of Stock Market News
  • Characters from Game of Thrones

With the aid of these datasets, you are able to carry out a number of operations, including network analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, and the creation of dashboards. This variety of abilities can assist you in strengthening your understanding of Python and gaining useful experience applying various principles.

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  1. Develop a dashboard using Plotly and Dash.

The “Gateway drug” into data science is frequently referred to as dashboards and data visualisation. The Plotly and Dash packages in Python are great places to start for creating dashboards without spending any money on you or your team.

You will discover how to organise and style dashboards, create a portfolio of dashboards, create straightforward web applications that you can share with others, and more in the Building Dashboards with Dash and Plotly course.

5 Python Challenges That will Develop your Programming Skills

Intermediate Python, Introduction to Data Visualization with Plotly in Python, and Data Manipulation with Pandas are a few recommended prerequisite courses to take.

  1. Analyse Bitcoin Price data.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin might either be the undisputed future of money and a great way to get rich rapidly, or they could be fools of gold that have caused some to lose their entire life’s worth of savings. Do some exploratory data analysis in Python to better comprehend Bitcoin pricing.

5 Python Challenges That will Develop your Programming Skills

You may investigate and visualise the market capitalisation and volatility of a number of cryptocurrencies with the project Exploring the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market.

Check out other prerequisite courses like Python Data Cleaning and Panda Introduction to Data Manipulation.

  1. Predict the popularity of Disney movies.

For almost a century, Disney films have been a mainstay of popular culture. But why have they been successful? The popularity of a movie or any other product can be analysed using machine learning.

In the project “Disney Movies and Box Office Success,” you will examine and display the variables that influence the popularity of Disney films before using a linear regression model to forecast the likely box office success of upcoming films.

Introduction to Linear Modeling in Python and Introduction to Data Visualization with Seaborn are a few prerequisite courses to look into.

  1. Extract Stock Market News Sentiment Analysis.

Stocks only have the value that investors assign to them. Fortunately, journalists spend a lot of time in news pieces discussing how much they think equities are worth. The text of their articles offers crucial information indicating how bullish or bearish the authors are, assisting you in making a prediction about whether the price of a stock will rise or fall.

You will utilise a text analysis technique called sentiment analysis in the Extract Stock Sentiment from News Headlines project to ascertain whether stock price pundits are bullish (positive) or bearish (negative) about the market.

Intermediate Python, Introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python, and Data Manipulation with Pandas are a few crucial prerequisite courses to look at.

  1. Network Analysis of Game of Thrones characters.

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, better known as the TV series Game of Thrones, is adored by many for its intricate storyline, linked character arcs, and scope of its universe, despite feeling a little dated. Who, then, is the most significant character among them all?

In the advanced project A Network Analysis of Game of Thrones, you will use well-known social media data mining techniques like Network Analysis to understand the relationships between the various Game of Thrones characters and automatically identify which character is the most influential of them all.

Learning Intermediate Python, Introduction to Network Analysis in Python, and Data Manipulation with Pandas are just a few of the essential prerequisite courses.


With these five Python coding challenges, you may advance your Python programming skills. To find out if you can finish the assignment, you must continually challenge yourself. At the very least, attempt to finish one within a week. When you succeed in getting there, you can describe yourself as a competent Python programmer.

To learn and comprehend the foundations of Python programming as a novice, check out the online Python training.

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