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6 Performance Testing Tools for Linux

If we are an aspiring tester or we may want to broaden our technical skills horizon, questions which are connected with testing of Linux will help us while doing verification of specific project or in case we were invited to the interview and we need to show our best skills and also possibilities in this field. If the company deals with constant web based product development which has very complicated and varied back end servers interaction is made via SSH. Linux operating system becomes a great tool for comprehensive testing. Understanding of Linux’s basis is good knowledge about the internal structure of the server an interaction between the process.

There are many tools

1.Phronix test suite

Phoronix Test Suite

Phronix test suite provides full access to more 120 different testing sets check groups and 400 profiles of tests. A user can install the ones that are needed.If the tests for CPU or hard drive are necessary, then its needed to  install  only processor test or HDD tests. The main advantage of the product is that the phoronix test suite is the program with open source software. The product is supplied as LiveCD with the assistance of which it’s possible to try to do a Linux check right from the compact disk.

With the help of Phoronix test suite we can qualitatively check the overall productivity of just installed operating system if it is needed.

2. Stress-NG

Stress- NG is a tool for testing the Linux operating system. With the help of it, it’s possible to analyse the system functionality on maximum of its technical capabilities. It is a constant Usage of this product is not advisable. Some structural components such as a processor or may be hard disk will degrade and break fully fast.

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Suppose if we have to install the product into the system. Then the command is

Command of stress-NG installation

 In RED Hat и CentOS, it should be typed in another

Command of stress-NG installation into RED Hat and CentOS

When installation is complete we can proceed with the necessary checks. The product will have many easy-to-use adjustments. It is possible to choose parameters and functions. For example amount of tests that will be started at same time,numbers of processing crores that are used in the test the time range of the test and so on.

3. Passmark Burnites

Passmark Burnitest

This main component helps to perform any PC performance testing on Linux and also monitor all the software functionality. Passmark Burnitest supports Memtest86 parameters ad performance test that will be launched only on the windows OS.

By support of Passmark Burnitest, Linux user test all computer subsystems at an equivalent time. But it’s better to concentrate to solidity and also security but not to check only productivity index.

4. Geekbench

Geekbench product is one of most popular utilities for OS Linux test. It has about 10 load tests for functionality on numbers with decimal point. In comparison with windows OS or Mac OS where the product has a graphical interface for Linux such as product has only console interface.


5. Hardinfo

This utility will be installed in much distribution disks of Linux system on the basis of traditional package manager. For Ubuntu installation we need to do the following command.

6. Goliath performance monitor

This Goliath will support in IT professionals to proactively anticipate citrix/VMware user experience issues before it happens, provides the correlated analytics to troubleshoot the problem quickly when to do and document root cause so that the performance issues will be solved.

The benefits are

Goliath will be designed to function like a team of citrix troubleshooting experts because its leverage embedded intelligence and automation to automatically look for events and conditions and also failure points of impact end user experience as it alerts the  thresholds are breached or failures will occur.

Goliath Performance Monitor screenshot: Goliath's detailed session summary includes the user's path to connecting with the session, logon time, and key performance metrics.


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