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6 Python Projects You should have in your Portfolio in 2022

Programming languages are of different types and features, some are popular and others aren’t. One of the popular programming languages used by lots of experts in Python. Since its development in 1991, the language has been adopted for use by many of the developers and is still relevant to date. Many have taken the Python Course then and are now experts using the language.  In this article, we’ll discuss the top 7 Python Projects you should try in 2022. Let’s get into it. 

Python Website Blocker

Often, one is disrupted while surfing the Internet due to ads and websites popping up. This not only affects the rate of working, but it also causes distraction from work. As a programmer, you can decide to create a website blocker through the language to save your device from disruptions. 

If you’re thinking you can do without the website blocker, remember these websites are spammy and can easily get installed at one mistaken click. So, avoid these stresses and work on creating the website blocker for your device and community as well. 

Measurement and Temperature Converter

There are a lot of problems that come with the conversion from one standard of measure to another. As a programmer, one important project that you will thrive well in 2022 is the measurement and temperature converter. Many businesses and individuals are relying on technology to carry out tasks and everyone understands calculations can be quite tasking for many. That’s why this converter will be relevant. 

Your temperature converter can be built with Python codes to easily convert measures from one standard to another. The emphasis here should be on Speed and Accuracy to ensure the right figures are given. You can always refer to your Python Online Course Certification for the processes to follow during the process.  

Python Password Generator

Malicious activities are increasing daily and many individuals require stronger passwords to keep their information safe. It’s all smooth until the password generation time comes. A lot of time is taken to create one and remembering even poses more issues.

You can step in to solve this problem by writing codes for the creation of a Password Generator using Python language. 

The password generator will work to create a unique pin for all your accounts and applications. You can as well introduce the working password generator to your community for acceptance and profit. It’s a good one to try out, especially if you’re struggling to build your brand. 

Python Desktop Notifying Tool

Another project you can try out in 2022 is the Desktop Notifying Software. Much urgent information is noticed late due to several reasons. One of the most common is due to the disabling of the notification feature on the device. How do you solve this problem then?

You can write codes to create a desktop notifying tool for your device. This will show the messages as a pop-up on the screen, allowing you to notice them early. 

When building this, ensure the tool can screen out the unwanted websites to give the users a distraction-free experience. 

Python YouTube Video Downloader

A major challenge comes with watching videos on Youtube and looking for ways to download them. Many have struggled and are still struggling with this difficulty despite the various tools available now. Well, maybe there’s yet to be a perfect one. So, you can create the perfect one. 

Developing a Youtube Video Downloader is one of the best projects you can come up with in 2022. This will give a direct opportunity to viewers of a video to download without stress. It will also open up the chances of watching videos offline without any hitch. 

Python Alarm Clocks

Alarms have been saving lives since the beginning of the world. Now that technology has improved, you can develop an alarm clock using Python language. Many are tired of the general alarm clock everywhere and would want something more unique and effective to wake them. 

While working on the tool, you should involve the varieties and unique features that distinguish it from the ordinary. Really, it’s a good one to work on in the next project. Understanding a Python Course will show the dynamics of this process.


There are lots of variations to the Python language and it works in different applications. Tech is gradually taking over and there are tons of Python Online Certification Courses for you to understand the language better regardless of a tight schedule. These projects are very unique and will help you scale up your business goals for the year 2022. Try them out and see the magic.

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