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A Guide to Prepare for CBAP Examination

The concept, Business Analysis, holds an imperative part in each organization. Analyzing business prerequisites, making appropriate documentation, recognizing zones for measure improvement and organizational change, planning the strategies, and creating different policies that drive a business towards a superior future are seen as the most fitting solutions. 

With that being said, it is safe to say that Business Analysts are not only an essential part of the corporate world but also work under an umbrella of one of the most scalable professions. Notwithstanding, being doled out to a new project is an exciting moment for a business analyst. However, it can likewise be nerve-wracking. You may be thinking about what precisely is anticipated from you, what expectations you ought to make, what deliverables to provide, and how to ensure accomplishment on your task. 

Then, and in many other instances, a CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) certification is what works as an aid. As a Business Analyst, you must have heard of IIBA or CBAP. Well, you may want to know more, and eventually, acquire the CBAP certification for the following reasons: 

  • A CBAP certified professional earns more than their non-certified peers. 
  • It holds the flag for your credibility in the industry. 
  • The certification not only helps the certification holder but also helps the organization increase reliability amongst stakeholders. 
  • It opens new doors with better job prospects in newer industries. 

Having said that, these benefits do not come easy. One must successfully clear the CBAP examination. And truth be told, it is not your run-on-the-mill test. Therefore, with the help of the experts, we have carefully prepared a guide to help you crack the same. 

Prerequisites for CBAP Examination

Before we jump into the guide, it is important for the candidates to ensure they match the requirements associated with the IIBA governed exam, CBAP. 

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  • A minimum of 7500 hours of work experience concerning business analysis over the most recent 10 years 
  • Work experience lined up with BABOK Guide 
  • At least 900 hours in four of the six knowledge areas as per BABOK Guide version 3 
  • 21 hours of professional development units over the most recent 4 years 
  • Two references from an employer, a client, a colleague, or CBAP beneficiary

Get Acquainted With The Details

Now that you have the prerequisites in check, the next step is to understand the exam fee, exam format, examination blueprint, and other details. 

CBAP Examination Format

It is a three and half hour test including 150 multiple-choice questions dependent on the BABOK Guide (A Guide to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge). The examination is offered in both, written manner, as well as a CBAP online test. 

Examination Fees for CBAP Certification

While the fees for the examination varies every year, here is the approximation for the same: CBAP certification costs up to $325 for members and $450 for non-members. Additionally, the CBAP Exam application charges of $125 for all the candidates. 

Preparation Tips to Crack CBAP Examination

  • BABOK Guide v3.0 is considered as the holy book for the candidates to crack the CBAP examination. It is prescribed to thoroughly study the BABOK Guide to learn all the aspects of knowledge areas, and other concepts that are shrouded in the test. If need be, peruse BABOK twice or thrice as it comprises most of the concepts that a candidate must excel in, in order to clear the examination. 
  • Furthermore, to solidify the knowledge areas, and to stay updated with regards to the examination, we suggest enrolling in a CBAP centric training. Be it online or offline, training will certainly help you getting the required knowledge, applying the concepts practically, and solving any or all the doubts you may have. 

While it requires some hard work and valuable time, acquiring the CBAP certification will most certainly lift up your career as a Business Analyst in more than one way. 

We wish you all the luck for the same! 

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