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A Guide to Scrum Master Resume and Examples

A well-drafted Scrum Master Resume can be your gateway to landing your dream job in today’s technology-driven world. This task can be overwhelming if you have little knowledge of how to go about it. So, the real challenge here is how to get started and that is why this scrum master resume guide is a must-read for you. 

In this guide, I will introduce you to the best ways of building a perfect scrum master resume and also show you good examples for each resume section. 

Applying for a scrum master position in any company can be more challenging than other professions where you only need to send in multiple applications to get accepted. The scrum master positions available in the United States are like 10% of the total certified scrum masters across the country. 

As a result, it is important to build a unique resume that will give you an edge over other applicants. It is also vital to add your professional certifications should you have one. Certifications such as Scrum Master Certification, Agile Scrum Certification and Project Management Certification. 

There are several roles you can apply for as a scrum master. The decision to apply for a certain scrum master role depends on your career level at that point in time or your personal interest in the field. Whichever role you decide to apply for, it is important to tailor your resume to fit such a role. When you do this, it will increase your chances of getting invited for an interview. 

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Types of Scrum Master Roles

Here are different types of roles you can apply for as a scrum master;

  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Scrum Master
  • Senior Scrum Master
  • CSM Scrum Master
  • Entry Level Scrum Master

How to Write Scrum Master Resume

The reality of online job applications is the fact that hiring managers take only a few seconds to look at a resume before making a decision. This is why it’s important to build a unique resume that will be eye-catching and detailed at the same time. 

There are thousands of scrum master positions available in several companies across the U.S. but there are also thousands of certified scrum masters aspiring to occupy these highly lucrative positions. Hence, the need for learning how to write a scrum master resume that will help you land top jobs in big organizations.

When writing a scrum master resume, you need to learn;

  1. How to write an engaging scrum master resume summary 
  2. What hiring managers look for in a scrum master resume
  3. How to make your basic scrum masters skills the spotlight 
  4. How to make use of scrum masters examples to build yours
  5. How to choose a unique scrum master layout that fits perfectly
  6. How to include certifications on your scrum master resume
  7. How to include work descriptions and experience
  1. How to write an engaging scrum master resume summary:

Writing a captivating but tidy summary is very important. You should always begin your resume with a well-written summary section. It is like a resume objective from way past but instead outlines the main parts of your resume with the aim of attracting the interest of the recruiter or hiring manager studying it. If your resume is too lengthy, no one will bother to read it. 

Your summary section has to be short and well organized. It should be precise and written in such a way that it makes a strong impact. It should include;

  • Your scrum master ability and experience in the field
  • Your specialty and area of concentration in the field
  • Your basic technical skills that are relevant in the field
  1. What hiring managers look for in a scrum master resume:

There are special qualities every hiring manager such as HR recruiters looks for in a resume. For instance, when applying for a job in an IT firm or company it is important to have technical background knowledge. This is a major quality an HR recruiter in the field will look out for on your resume. 

Hence, for a scrum master position a recruiter will check to see;

  • If you have a professionally designed resume layout
  • If you’re qualified to work as a scrum master in an organization
  • If you’re professionally certified in a specific scrum master role
  • If you have the required level of experience in a scrum master role
  • The types of projects you have worked on as a scrum master

These are the major things a hiring manager will look out for in your resume.   For instance, if you’ve passed through a scrum master certification training it is necessary to outline it clearly for your potential employer to see. 

  1. How to make your basic scrum masters skills the spotlight

You should focus on outlining the skills that are relevant to the role you are applying for in an organization. It is essential to show scrum master skills such as team building, sprint planning, backlog management, quality control, agile practice coaching, documentation, and requirements gathering on the resume.

  1. How to make use of scrum masters examples to build yours:

There are hundreds of scrum master resume templates you can download on the internet. These templates will guide you on how to write a unique resume.

  1. How to choose a unique scrum master layout that fits perfectly:

There are two major resume layouts you can use to build your scrum master resume. These layouts are;

  • Hybrid Resume Layout
  • Reverse Chronological Resume Layout

These two resume layouts are very good but building a hybrid resume layout requires some level of creativity while the reverse chronological resume layout tends to show your personality through its design. Check online to know more.

A Guide to Scrum Master Resume and Examples
  1. How to include certifications on your scrum master resume:

Scrum master certifications are of great value if you know how to include them on your resume. A scrum master tutorial will help you improve your knowledge and skills in the field. Hence, adding such certification to your resume will give you an added advantage when applying for a scrum master position. You should create a special section on your resume where you can add all related scrum master certifications.

Examples of Scrum Masters Certification;

 A good example of certifications you can include on your scrum master resume is CSM, CEC, CSD, CST, CSPro and CSC Certification. You can also add a project management certification such as Certified PMP Professional or agile certification if you’ve acquired any form of agile scrum certification online.

     7.  How to include work descriptions and experience:

A hiring manager looking to replace a scrum master position in his or her organization is more concerned about your work description and level of experience in the field. You should include your work description and job experience in such a way that your employer can see if you’ve worked in geo-distributed scrum teams or cross-functional teams. 

The experience section of your scrum master resume should magnify your main scale of work and any form of technical skills you might have acquired through scrum master certification training. 

Scrum Master Resume Examples

Here are basic scrum master resume examples based on different categories;


Example 1: 

“Enthusiastic Agile Scrum Master. Has worked in Agile environments as a software engineer for nine years. Worked on four Scrum teams and filled in as a Scrum Master on several occasions. Proven history of successful projects with cross-functional teams”.

Example 2:

“Experienced Senior Scrum Master with a unique ability to understand and build complex systems. Focus on removing impediments from scrum teams and led all sprint planning to deliver customer-centric products and services”.


Example 1:

Scrum Master and Project Manager


April 2013 – October 2020                  Florida, USA

  • Led five Product Teams transition into Agile Development in three months
  • Responsible for managing business dependencies, risks and challenges
  • Managed planning, backlog grooming and TDD implementation

Example 2:

Engineering Manager and Senior Scrum Master


December 2017 – Present                  New Jersey, USA

  • Implemented Agile methodologies using a Scrum framework across 40 employees
  • Oversee all phases of development to facilitate the execution of data management.
  • Partner with network and engineering teams to resolve technical issues


The year is 2021 where the need to build a perfect resume is very essential. The norm for job seekers these days is to hire an expert to help them write a quality resume for their job applications but the downside with this approach is how expensive it can get. This is why it’s important to learn how to build one yourself. 

One of the major takeaways of this scrum master resume guide is to ensure your resume summary is well written and impactful. Your educational qualification and professional experience must be highlighted as well. This will ensure you get to establish yourself as the perfect scrum master a company needs. 

Furthermore, including your professional skills and certification on your resume will increase your chances of landing that scrum master’s dream job. However, don’t make your resume bulky because if you do, a recruiter will be discouraged to go through it. Ensure your resume is not more than two pages maximum. 

You can make use of an online resume builder to create the perfect scrum master resume today. I believe this scrum master resume guide has been of help to you. 

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