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A Roadmap to learning Selenium in three months 

The process of learning Selenium might be difficult for most people, but this is because they find it difficult to know where to begin and where to find the right resources. But there is a roadmap to follow where you can learn and master everything you need to know about Selenium, and you can do it in just 90 days. As a beginner, following this roadmap will certainly provide you with an amazing result, but it is important to note that it will depend on your motivation, dedication, consistency, and learning curve. 

1.Download the necessary software.

Many people want to learn Selenium but they don’t know the necessary software that they will be using. It is important that you familiarise yourself with some software that is vital to learning and mastering Selenium. This software includes IDE, Java 8, and WebDriver. Downloading and Installing this software is the first step to take on your roadmap to learning Selenium in 3 months. 

2.Understand the basics of Programming language.

You can not master Selenium without having sound knowledge of at least one programming language. One good thing about Selenium is that it supports programming languages that give you the chance to use it and also integrate it with other programming languages. There are many programming languages, but you should learn Java because Java is more compatible with Selenium and Automation Testing. 

The next step on the roadmap is to familiarise yourself with the basics of Java. Some of the basic but vital concepts in Java include string class, collection arrays, exception handling, inheritance, and polymorphism. 

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There are various boot camps and beginner programming courses that you can enroll in where you will be taught the basics of Java and HTML. It is advisable that you enroll for at least one of them.

3.Enroll in Selenium Courses.

Once you have understood the basics of the programming language, then you can dive into Selenium properly. There are various training programs that offer a variety of Selenium certification courses on different aspects of Selenium. 

This is a major milestone in following the roadmap of learning Selenium. You have to be fully focused and eager to learn because this is where your fate will first be decided whether you can follow the roadmap to the end or not. 

There are a lot of concepts to learn and understand, but they can be divided into these sections. They are Introduction to the concept of Selenium Automation Testing; Types of Selenium Testing: CSS and XPath Location; Selenium WebDriver with Java; Selenium with TestNG; and Selenium Frameworks.

4.Conduct a Case Study.

After you have understood all you need to know about Selenium, it is always advisable to first perform a case study before jumping into conducting tests. If this is not done, it might lead to a lot of confusion when conducting the tests.

Performing a case study can be done by building your knowledge of the Selenium tools. You should know the design of the tools, their advantages and disadvantages, the flavors and finally the history of the tools. With this, you will be able to completely understand Selenium Drive.

5.Conduct Simple Tests.

Many people will be excited to jump into conducting tests once they have learned everything about the concepts of Selenium. But it is advisable to start with simple tests before going into complex ones. This will help you understand the entire flow of the system. Look for simple applications where you can achieve basic steps. Apart from that, it will also help you to create your automation script. 

6.Choose a Complex scenario.

Now, when you have successfully applied Selenium to conduct simple tests; you can then go to more intricate situations. By successfully applying Selenium to more complex scenarios, your ability to design automation scripts will be made a lot easier. 

7.Selenium Integration.

This is an important concept in Selenium Testing so you have to be familiar with it. Selenium is a flexible tool that enables you to integrate it with other tools like Sikuli, Jenkins, Autolt, Maven, and TestNG. Scenarios might arise where you integrate Selenium with these tools so you have to know them. 


This is a very vital step in your roadmap to learning Selenium. No matter how fast or how well you learn Selenium, it might as well be a waste if you don’t practice what you have learned. You have to keep practicing. As they say, Practice makes Perfect!

9.Take the certification exam.

This might not be too important. But if you are sure you have followed the roadmap carefully, then you can take a step further by applying for the exam of any online Selenium certification course to see how you perform. If you perform well, you can add it to your resume.

If you are convinced that you have what it takes to learn Selenium in 90 days, then following this roadmap is perfect for you.

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