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Applications of Big Data

In the modern world, a vast amount of data exists. Large corporations use that data to expand their operations. In a number of situations, as will be covered below, this data analysis allows for a useful decision to be made. Check out the Big Data online training to learn more.

1.Tracking Big Data Customer Spending Habit and Shopping Behavior

The management teams of large retail stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, Big Bazar, etc., are required to maintain records of their customers’ spending habits, including what they buy, how often they buy it, and which products they prefer (so that they can keep those products in stock). The product whose search/sale volume is highest is fixed in terms of production/collection rate. 

The banking industry uses information about consumer spending patterns to offer a specific customer a credit or debit card with a discount or reward when they purchase a product they really like. They can then send the appropriate offer to the appropriate person at the appropriate time. 


Big retail stores make recommendations to their customers based on their tracking of spending habits and shopping activity. Amazon, Walmart, and Flipkart are e-commerce sites that provide product recommendations. They keep track of the products that customers are looking for, and then they suggest that kind of goods to them. 

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As an illustration, let’s say a consumer looked for bed covers on Amazon. According to data that Amazon obtained, a client might be interested in purchasing a bed cover. The customer will see advertisements for various bed covers the next time they visit any Google website. As a result, the appropriate product can be advertised to the appropriate customer. 

Applications of Big Data

YouTube also suggests videos depending on the kind of user-watched and loved videos in the past. Ads that are pertinent to the video the user is watching are displayed while the video is playing. Consider the following scenario: A viewer of a big data lesson video may see an advertisement for a different big data course throughout the session. 

3.Smart Traffic System

Information regarding the state of traffic on various roads is gathered by cameras positioned next to the road, at points of entry and departure into the city, and via GPS devices installed in cars (such as Ola or Uber taxis). All of these facts are examined, and quicker or less time-consuming methods are suggested. By using big data analysis, a smart traffic system can be constructed in the city. Reducing fuel usage is an additional benefit. 

4.Secure Air Traffic System

There are sensors at different points of flight (such as propellers, etc.). These sensors record information on temperature, moisture content, flight speed, and other environmental factors. An environmental parameter within the flight is set up and adjusted based on such data analysis. 

The duration of time the machine can function flawlessly before needing to be replaced or repaired can be calculated by examining the machine-generated data from the flight. 

5.Auto Driving Car

Cars can be driven without human interpretation thanks to big data processing. A sensor is positioned at different automobile camera locations to collect information about things like the surrounding car’s size, the proximity to obstacles, and so on. These data are examined, and numerous calculations are then made regarding the number of angles to spin, the appropriate speed, when to stop, etc. These computations facilitate automatic action. 

6.Virtual Personal Assistant Tool

Big data analysis facilitates the provision of answers to a variety of user-posed questions by virtual personal assistants (such as Siri on Apple devices, Cortana on Windows, and Google Assistant on Android devices). This tool keeps note of the user’s location, local time, season, and other information pertaining to the inquiry they have asked. After examining all of this data, it offers a response. 

Applications of Big Data

For instance, if a user asks, “Do I need to bring an umbrella?” The tool gathers information about the user’s location, the time of year, and the local weather. It then analyses this information to determine whether there is a likelihood of rain, at which point it provides the appropriate response. 


IoT sensors are installed in equipment by manufacturing companies in order to gather operational data. By analysing such data, it is possible to forecast how long a machine will operate without difficulty when it needs to be repaired, allowing the business to take action before the machine experiences several problems or breaks down completely. As a result, it may be possible to avoid replacing the entire equipment.

Big data is playing a major role in the healthcare industry. Physicians can collect and use patient experience data by using big data tools to improve patient care. IoT devices have the ability to recognize early warning signs of an impending illness in people and stop providing advanced medical care. An Internet of Things sensor installed next to a newborn baby patient continuously monitors several health parameters, such as blood pressure, heart rate, etc. An alarm is delivered to a doctor whenever any parameter exceeds the safe limit, allowing them to act remotely extremely quickly.

8.Education Sector

Big data is used by organisations that conduct online education courses to find candidates who are interested in those courses. When someone looks up a YouTube lesson video online, online or offline course providers advertise their courses to that person through the internet. 

9.Energy Sector

Every fifteen minutes, a smart electric metre reads the amount of power consumed. It then transmits this read data to a server, where it is evaluated to determine when during the day the city’s power load is lowest. With the help of this technology, manufacturers or housekeepers are advised to operate their heavy machinery during the night, when power loads are lower, in order to save money on their electricity bills. 

10.Media and Entertainment Sector

Companies that offer media and entertainment services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify, analyse user data. To determine the next business strategy, information is gathered and evaluated, such as the kind of video or music that users are watching or listening to the most, how long they are spending on the site, etc.

Conclusion You can learn more about Big Data by checking out the online Big Data course.

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