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Big Data Career Opportunities in 2024

There is no doubt that the raw power of computers has increased, as has their presence and the amount of data they generate. It is also believed that about 90% of the big data we have now was generated in the last few years. A lot of big data career opportunities have emerged in the big data field to help us gain insights and use data to our advantage. You can check out our Big Data training online to learn more.

So, given below are a few of the numerous career opportunities in big data:

1.Big Data Engineer.

Big data engineers are responsible for developing the solutions that the big data architect has planned for the firm. They are intended to serve as the foundation for any organisation’s big data pipeline.  They are in charge of maintaining, creating, developing, and testing the solutions that they construct. A big data engineer’s tools must include Hadoop-based tools such as Hive, MongoDB, MapReduce, and Cassandra.

Not only that, but a big data engineer should be well-versed in data warehousing solutions because they will be responsible for designing the pipeline (from start to finish) required to handle data on a massive scale in any organisation. They are also often in charge of managing the hardware infrastructure, which includes ensuring that the team has the processing capacity to handle large amounts of data each day. If you believe Big data engineering is your desired career in big data, the money you would make would be in the range of 130K to 220K US dollars. 

2.Data Architects

The primary responsibility of any data architect is to design and create complex data frameworks such as databases. They are usually part of the team that is called upon anytime a database is needed. A data architect would examine the problem, as well as the data accessible to them, and use it to develop a plan. This design, which they built, would include all of the phases that the database would go through, such as construction, testing, and maintenance.

All IT Courses 50% Off
Big Data Career Opportunities in 2024

The blueprint developed by these architects would then be passed on to big data engineers, who would undertake all of the heavy lifting in carrying out the architect’s vision. Data architects work with a number of data types, including personal records, marketing information, and financial records. However, they must collaborate with data administrators and analysts to ensure that the architects have access to all of the necessary data. They would need to create databases using this data to keep all of the information.

They must also consider how to make the stored data available based on the level of clearance that each user possesses, as well as develop a fail-safe method in the event that the organisation is attacked by ransomware or a natural disaster.  All of this information should be clearly documented in the blueprints created by these data architects. Big data architects typically earn between $120,000 and $200,000 USD.

3.Database Manager.

A database manager is in charge of ensuring that the database results are accurate by imposing standards, checks, and balances. They are the ones who set up the database for expansion. They guarantee that the database is ready for development by reviewing the plans and requirements to ensure that the process runs smoothly. They also assist senior technical managers on design and programming, liaising with upper-level technical management.

A database manager is also responsible for upgrading the team’s gear and software. They are expected to develop rules, processes, and controls to assure the databases’ safety and security. A smart database manager would not only handle the databases, but he would also keep his skills up to date by constantly learning about big data employment options.

They should make it a practice to read technical journals and establish a strong professional network. They should also keep an eye out for new data-related studies and consider how they may apply it in the workplace. If you believe that a database manager is the best career opportunity in big data for you, you can expect to make between 111 and 190 thousand dollars.

4.Data Scientist

Data scientists are expected to create and build new processes for any data-related query, such as modelling a process and thinking about ways to improve data mining and data creation processes. They are also tasked for conducting data analyses and experimenting with the product in order to build algorithms. These models are used for predictions, specialised analyses, and so on. Furthermore, a data scientist’s role is to discover and extract meaning from data.

Big Data Career Opportunities in 2024

They spend the most of their time collecting data, cleaning it using various techniques, conducting exploratory analysis, and finally munging it. The data collected during this process is then utilised to generate mathematical models, which are subsequently used for various machine and deep learning approaches to produce a production-ready model, which they are then responsible with deploying and monitoring.

A good data scientist should be knowledgeable in several styles, such as clustering, and have a statistical background in order to excel at statistical learning. A smart data scientist would spend a significant amount of time conducting exploratory analyses with various graphs and charts. These analyses are typically shared with the team to develop action plans for constructing and deploying these machines and deep learning models. A data scientist can earn between 105 and 180 thousand US dollars.


There are other career opportunities available for you if you learn Big Data in 2024. But you can first focus on these ones. To learn more, check out the Big Data free course.

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