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Are Java Developers in Demand in 2022?

Java is typically known to be an old programming language (even though Python is older). Many pundits that the language will lose relevance in the coming years. But is this true? In this article, we will discuss how Java has held up and the important applications of Java in today’s world.

Let’s begin with a rundown of how Java has progressed. 

The Journey of Java

Java as a programming language came up in 1995 as a system that allows the implementation of new software and applications. Java has passed through the stage of usage for smaller data to that of serving as a foundation for the running of larger ones. Today, Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world with a large community of experts to interact and collaborate on related matters. 

Compared to other programming languages, Java has a top rank in the list according to Stackoverflow’s 2021 report. Today, over 90% of companies around the world rely on the Java programming language for the development of applications. It’s interesting to know that the Java language is beginning to become useful in the growing re-h space like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and lots more. 

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These statistics show that the Java language is one of the most relevant in the industry today. 

There are over 8 million Java developers in a world of 27 million developers. If you’re considering how to enter the space, the huge number of experts already in the field makes it easy for newbies to gain good knowledge using the language. Another reason for Java’s relevance? 1 out of 10 programmers understand Java and you get to work in both Junior and Senior roles within companies. 

Being able to work using Java language requires some skills and your ability to hone these define your uniqueness in the field. In the next section, you get to read about some relevant skills for a Java Developer.

Relevant skills for a Java Developer in 2022

  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork and open-mindedness to learning. 
  • Willingness to upgrade skills as innovations are launched
  • Effective communication and willingness to interact
  • Ability to complete tasks within the deadline. 

You need several skills to work as a Java Developer in 2022 especially when you’re trying to upgrade your knowledge of the concept. 

Asides from this, there are some areas to focus on and continuously practice to fit in the programming roles of 2022. What are these?

Relevant Areas for Java Developers in 2022

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the growing industries in 2022. Many companies are gradually focusing on storing data in the cloud and relying much on its importance to protect their sensitive information. Today, statistics show that companies allocate over 30% of their budget to cloud computing. As a Java Developer that wants to remain relevant in 2022, you need to learn about cloud computing platforms and tools such as Azure, GCP, etc. 

  1. SQL

This is another area Java developers need to focus on in 2022. SQL was launched as a language for database management over 40years ago. Today, the reliance on databases for different purposes has increased the use of the language. Java developers need the knowledge of SQL language to perform different functions in their services. Thus, it’s important to get familiar with the language as a Java Developer in 2022. 

  1. Git

Git is one of the best tools Java developers use to handle different projects ranging from small to large ones. Due to its relevance, Git is one of the most popular tools companies work with to perform different functions. As a Java developer of 2022, a good understanding of this tool and its processes helps you stay in the competition. 


Java language no doubt has a long history of use with evident prospects. It all depends on the Java developer to get familiar with other newer systems in the tech space that embraces the use of Java language. 

As a beginner in this field, continue to practice and discover the various ways to offer your knowledge of the language in different industries. Java developers have a long journey ahead and it’s one to watch out for. 

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