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Appsurify is one of the significant tester tool for the testers. It is a plugin with more compatibility with existing software test environments and gives instant feedback developers which is in need constantly. As the software changes they implemented, it isolates required subsets of tests to run. With Appsurify any organization uses software development which can quickly improve their system. This is the competitive edge which allows them to ship faster get market faster have a fewer defects.

Its advantages are:

  1. More output from the team
integration testing

It increase the  output from the team existing by getting QA and developers the most important feedback from testing immediately.

  1. Eliminates Flaky tests and shift-left
software bug

It eliminates flaky tests and stabilise test run to find only real bugs in early development and achieve a successful shift energy.

  1. Tests will take 92% less time
test automation efficiency

Risk based testing has executing tests where a developer has modification not entire suite of mostly unaffected tests.

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Risk based testing tool

Before and After TestBrain

This Appsurify testbrain will select automatically and runs just tests impacted by recent developer changes instead of running of full test-suite. Reduce test cycles by over 90% and deliver important results to the team on per commit basis. Faster test feedback equals hitting release deadlines .

It has risk alerts. Teams will set up proactive alerts to monitor potential new defects to sensitive areas of the code. This team allows to address newly introduced bugs before they will be released into production and cause serious damage.

Before, Bug introduction to sensitive code has 

  • Developer introduces bug to important code.
  • Team isn’t aware of any changes.
  • Team will release defective product to general public.
  • Company experiences major technical issues and loses revenue and reputation.
before bug introduction to sensitive code

After bug introduction to sensitive code

  • Developer accidentally will change important code.
  • Team is immediately alerted.
  • Team will  take proactive steps to remedy.

Its supporting Test leaders are

Supporting the Test Leaders


Appium is famous automation test frameworks but also notoriously slow.Teams will leverage TestBrain’s machine learning as they don’t has capacity or the  time to deal with slow results.


Selenium can be converted  the testing landscape for many companies but still struggles with its own flaws.


We know that as the project scope increases,it is becoming difficult for business to manage and also scale their cucumber testing infrastructure. The Testbrain will remove the high cost, high maintenance and can be very slow testing framework of cucumber by quarantining defects in real time and has the time back to automation teams.

What are the key benefits? 

It will ship 5x Faster and with more confidence.

These automatically execute just the impacted tests on the commit basis in your CI pipeline for 10x faster results

Reduce CI pipeline build time by 80%

We have to stop flaky tests

We have to lower the local and cloud testing

AI powered  risk based testing

This Appsurify selects and runs just the tests will be impacted by the recent developer changes through the AI test selection technology

There are 3 simple steps

1. Auto-map tests to code

2. This is to see the changes to code through commit metadata.

3. Auto-Execute only on tests that impacted by developer changes.

Many developer exists by catching bugs earlier by executing only the tests that are flexible to developer changes in your CI/CD for instant Test feedback, optimized CI/CD builds and infrastructure savings.

This Appsurify is organised to pass tests as they fake and Fail them when they’re based on real defect. This is to remove the time consuming process of managing unstable automation test suites and free up consideration time that will otherwise be diagnosing time which would otherwise will be wasted by verifying random failures.


1. What is Appsurify?

2. What are the features of Appsurify?

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