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Best Scrum master job opportunities

The Scrum Framework is quickly turning into a fundamental part of ventures including Agile Methodology. A recent study attempted by Version One 2016 uncovers that more than 58 percent of teams are utilizing the unadulterated Scrum approach; while 75 percent of teams are including hybrid Agile approaches(e.g. a blend of Scrum with Kanban to make Scrumban) to empower fruitful project conveyances. 

Given these figures and ongoing development patterns in the Information Technology industry, it is not simply a marvel that the employment profile of a Scrum Master has scored a positioning of 10 on LinkedIn’s rundown of The Most Promising Jobs for 2017. The job has been appointed with a middle base pay of USD 100,000. With the anticipated year-over-year career development being 400%, base professional scrum master salary rates are relied upon to arrive at more elevated levels as the interest for Scrum Masters increments.

The presence of an accomplished and experienced Scrum Master is a significant aspect of the achievement of Scrum teams. He is liable for managing the right execution of the Scrum Framework and guarantees successful product conveyance by his team. Well, a career in Scrum Master is not limited to a position of simply a Scrum Master. 


Scrum Masters are undoubtedly not managers themselves. However, through their Scrum Masters obligations, Scrum Masters regularly work intimately with the individuals who are working as managers. What is more, some will find that work fascinating. 

Scrum Masters become adroit at directing teams with not a lot of power to say  “Do it since I say as much.” Because of this, many can move into the management jobs where they could request consistency but since of what they have gained from being Scrum Masters, realize it, as a rule, is best not to. 

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Particularly if a Scrum Master has held specialized capability in the technical aspect, moving into a job like a development manager or Quality Analysis Director can be a satisfying, coherent step.

Product Owner

Other Scrum Masters, in any case, discover that they love what their team is constructing more than the demonstration of making it. Those Scrum Masters have become a great possibility to become product owners. 

I would prefer not to suggest that a product owner holds a higher degree than the Scrum Master role in an association. I consider the jobs comparable in a common hierarchical order. 

Best Scrum master job opportunities

Yet, some Scrum Masters discover that they care profoundly about the thing being assembled instead of the way toward building the thing. What is more, from having worked with a team sufficiently long, a portion of these Scrum Masters learns enough about the industry, products, clients, and such to turn out to be great product owners.


A Scrum Master who has been a successful Scrum Master in his present job can stride ahead into a position as a Mentor to other Scrum Masters. This incorporates the transmission of a great degree of support and knowledge to the team. As the team is occupied with the day by day utilization of scrum, the scrum master causes the team to utilize it all the more adequately. The primary thought process behind the scrum master going about as a mentoring is to enable the team members to become independent and the team to become self-arranging.
There are numerous career paths a Scrum Master may seek after. The abilities learned in turning into an extraordinary Scrum Master will work well for that individual whether they decide to turn into a product owner, manager, mentor, or simply work around psm certification jobs with all the more testing teams.

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