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Big Data Hadoop Professionals: Job Responsibilities and Skills

If you are interested in learning big data, it is impossible to escape from hearing the term Hadoop. So, let us look at what is Hadoop and the roles and responsibilities of Hadoop professionals. 

What is Hadoop?

The Apache Hadoop is a top-level open source software utility used by the massive global community and users. It is the Java-based framework used widely for large-scale storage facilities and processing a large amount of data. It is one of the critical big data tools to process and store vast amounts of data. The majority of big companies are raping the benefit of Hadoop by handling big data. Many people are learning big data Hadoop online training to equip themselves to grow their careers nowadays. 

Job responsibilities of Big Hadoop professionals

The job role of a Hadoop professional is similar to a software developer. He or she has to do actual programming or coding of Hadoop applications. The job role of a Hadoop professional and software are almost similar, and Hadoop developer has to deal with the big data domain. So, the below points are an effort to make you understand the role of a Hadoop professional. 

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  • Role of developing and implementing Hadoop. 
  • Loading data from different data sets. 
  • Using Pig, Hive, and other tools for pre-processing. 
  • Responsible for building, designing, installing, configuring, and providing support using Hadoop. 
  • Translating complex technical and functional needs into a complete design. 
  • Dealing with big data sets and performing analysis to come with new insights. 
  • Ensuring not letting the guards off when it comes to security and privacy of the data. 
  • Creating scalable and top-performing web services to facilitate easy data tracking. 
  • Querying at high speed.
  • Deploying and managing HBase.
  • Proposing the best standards and practices from the insight taken from the analysis.
  • Becoming a part of POC effort in building Hadoop clusters. 
  • Testing the prototypes and ensuring the handover to operational teams goes as per the plan. 

Yes, these are the roles of a Hadoop professional, and it fascinating thing to do. When it comes to career opportunities and salary, a Hadoop professional earn a lucrative salary. More importantly, the demand for Hadoop professionals is increasing with each passing day, and it is the best time for learning online training for Hadoop big data

What are the job roles for Hadoop?

The significant advantage of big data and Hadoop certification training is your opportunity to grow your career is unlimited. That means it is not only restricted to one single role. The following job roles are available for any qualified Hadoop developer in the big data domain. 

  • Hadoop Tester
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Lead Developer
  • Data scientist 
  • Hadoop Architect 

What are the skills I need to become a Hadoop Professional?

Yes, Hadoop professionals’ roles and responsibilities look great, but if you don’t know the skill set required, it is an excellent time to understand the same. So, you can get many big data and Hadoop certification training available in both offline and online platforms. The below skills are looking by the major companies across the world. 

  • Indeed, the first thing you need to have is knowledge about Hadoop. And you can get that by big data Hadoop online training offered by the best sources. 
  • You must have good knowledge of Java, JS, OOAD, and other back-end programming platforms and languages. 
  • Ability to write top-performing, maintainable, and reliable code. 
  • Must know about MapReduce jobs. 
  • Practical experience of HiveQL.
  • Excellent command over theories, principles, structures, and practices. 
  • Should know how to write Pig Latin scripts.
  • The knowledge about Sqoop, Flume, and other data loading tools. 
  • Familiarity with schedulers/ workflows such as Oozie. 
  • Should have the problem-solving and analytical skills used in big data analytics.
  • Commendable aptitude in concurrency and multi-threading concepts. 
  • Hands-on experience in fields like Pig, HBase, and Hadoop.

After learning the job roles, job responsibilities, and the skills required to become a Hadoop developer, it is a great chance to enrich your knowledge base and increasing career development opportunities. This year is already making us stay at home to remain safe, but if you stay at home learning the new things, your future will become safest. So, why are you waiting? Check for the learn Hadoop big data online training and experience the difference. 

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