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Certified Selenium Full Course – Learn Selenium in 40 Hours

Whether you want to upgrade yourself from a manual tester to an automation tester or you are eager to have a prosperous career in IT, you will feel the need to learn Selenium sooner or later. You can go for a Selenium course online to thrive in automation testing that will cover a wide range of Selenium training, tutorial & videos to make the process easier for you.

Why Learn Selenium 

Here we will show you the many benefits of learning a certified Selenium full course online.

Open-source/free tool

Selenium is an open-source framework that is available for anyone to use. You can use it to test your site or web apps. There is also the opportunity for any independent programmer to learn automation testing with the Selenium WebDriver. You won’t get this benefit with other licensed tools like Ranorex, TestComplete, and QTP.

No particular demand for Browsers/OS/Hardware

You do not need a high PC configuration or the latest Windows or Mac version to use this tool. The operating system you use at home will be enough for your learning purpose. 

All IT Courses 50% Off

Several programming language support

This is probably the most amazing perk that Selenium has to offer. Most of the similar frameworks for automation testing out there require learners to be expert at one programming language. However, that is not the scenario in the case of Selenium where you will not be facing such restrictions. You can use any scripting language like C#, Java, VBScript, PHP, Python or .Net to get started with this framework. 

Framework availability

you will be spoilt with choices when looking for frameworks as per your own needs, from hybrid testing to data-driven testing to keyword-driven testing to module-driven testing and a lot more.

Strong support for the Lifecycle of DevOps

Selenium helps form an essential part of the Lifecycle for DevOps since many organizations are replacing Waterfall or Agile approaches today with DevOps.  Only a handful of tools are actually suitable for DevOps. 

Also, software products developed today are often delivered on cloud platforms whereas web-based testing tools are extensively used. This is exactly where this framework suits so well.

Hassle-free integration with other open source tools

You can easily integrate Selenium with other open source tools, such as AutoIT, Sikuli, Junit, Maven, TestNG, and Jenkins. Since these tools – whether used in DevOps or not – are open source and easy to use, you can achieve nothing but automation; i.e., continuous testing. 

No more dependence on GUI-based systems

Since you can execute Selenium tests without involving a GUI, you can carry out your tests on different web servers and achieve automation through scheduling the execution once you integrate Selenium with another tool. Moreover, when you will not be depending on GUI, the performance of the system will significantly improve. 

Flexibility in designing practice cases

If you want to design any test case, Selenium will allow to design that either through a programming logic or through the record-and-playback approach.  In case you are not skilled enough to script the WebDriver code, you will be able to use IDE for recording your tests and exporting the logic to another programming language that you prefer. With so many benefits available, you should definitely learn Selenium for an amazing career in the automation testing domain. Also remember that only a good Selenium course will guide you to have a strong presence in the field as an automation tester.

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