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Selenium Course Online Free: Everything you should know

In the Business Intelligence field, automation is becoming a hot topic across the world. All the big companies are transformed from manual mode of operation to automation wherever it is possible. And this is just the beginning, and we can see more automation in the future. The development of applications, updates, and introducing new features is essential to enhance the customer experience. So, the need to automate the testing becomes inevitable since the updates and development of services need to be completed ASAP in the cut-throat, competitive world. And the perfect tool to automate the testing is through Selenium. Nowadays, there are numerous free courses available, but you need to select the best Selenium course online free to learn it effectively

What is Selenium?

In the popular search engines, people are searching with Selenium certification training near me and enrolling for the best courses to master Selenium. Selenium is an open-source tool to automate and validate the testing on numerous web browsers and platforms. It allows creating the testing scripts using popular programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, etc.

It is not a single tool but a complete suite to validate web applications and web services—the main components of selenium designed to cater to the organization’s different needs. 

Pros of Selenium

  • It allows the developers to execute the test cases on cross-browser and cross platforms.
  • You can perform conditional operations and loop.
  • It supports data-driven testing immensely.
  • It comes with a complete and mature API. 
  • The selenium helps you to execute the test quickly.
  • An open-source tool to conduct the automation of testing. 
  • It is a language-independent tool, so developers no need to worry about a particular programming language. 

Cons of Selenium

  • It is not a complete suite since you need multiple third-party tools for developing.
  • Lack of professional on-demand assistance. 
  • The readability of test scripts is less. 
  • Even though it is an open-source tool, considering the ROI, the initial cost becomes more. 
Selenium Course Online Free: Everything you should know

What can you learn in the free course?

The Selenium training online free covers Selenium’s main components, including Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, and Selenium Web Driver. 

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Selenium IDE

The Selenium IDE is the simplest version, and it is the plugin for the Firefox web browser. It comes with the record & play feature. If you want to create advanced programs, the integration of IDE with Selenium RC and Web Driver is essential. Since it is the simplest version of Selenium, it comes with several drawbacks, including slow execution time, lack of support for all web browsers, not the best test report generation. 

Selenium Remote Control

Selenium Web Driver

The Selenium Web Driver is introduced to overcome the disadvantages of Selenium RC. It communicates with multiple browsers and executes the testing. Due to this reason, it will not come with a server. The Selenium webdriver online training is becoming popular these days since it allows the developers to work with numerous platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. Adding to this, you no need to worry about the usage of Selenium from the programming languages perspective since it supports all major programming languages, including Ruby, Java, C#, Python, etc. The versatility of the Selenium web driver doesn’t stop here. It also supports numerous web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, and many more. 

Selenium Grid?

One of the most attractive features of Selenium is the ability to execute parallel testing. It helps to meet the stringent deadline with accurate testing and detailed report to get perform follow-up actions. Selenium Grid is the component that makes the parallel test execution possible. 

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