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Data Analytics Certification: Your Key to Building a Successful Career as a Data Analyst

The data is the new age fuel and lifeblood of any organization. Data speaks everything. If you pay attention to the data, you can get insights from fundamental operational efficiency to decide customer behavior and market trends. It is the right time to learn data science and become a data analyst because there is a massive demand for data analysts, but the supply isn’t enough to meet the business’s requirements. If you are willing to become a data analyst, there are plenty of data analyst certification courses to learn and enjoy the benefits. The below points will show why one should do data analytics certification. 

Sheer Demand

In the current market, the demand for qualified data professionals is plenty, and the great news is it is just beginning. Since the organizations are looking to gain the most out of the power of data, the demand for data analysts is enormous. From 1014 to 2017, in three years itself, the Big Data industry has grown by  106%. This substantial surge is due to many organizations starting to understand the significance of Big Data and implementing it. Many US companies have already implemented Big Data, and many are planning to implement it in the next 2 to 3 years. 

Lucrative Salary

The opportunity to earn more salary is the main factor many people jump into the data analytics field. We can see numerous data analysis courses for beginners are available in the market for the same reason. The strong demand backed by strong analytical skills opens the way for a lucrative salary. The average salary of data analytics is increasing with each year, at least 4%. And since all the companies are investing huge capital for Big Data in these years, data analytics are earning capabilities are predicted to grow exceptionally. 

Big Data analytics is the number one priority in many organizations.

The application of Big Data is unimaginable. It helps to maintain the stock of the products, customer behavior study, and even companies are hiring the right talent with the help of Big Data analysis. Over 70% of companies consider data analytics as a critical aspect of business growth in the current market condition. To come with effective marketing strategy and policies, Big Data analysis is the foundation since the available data cannot be studied with the traditional approaches. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 9% of professionals working in computer and math occupations are certified in their field. This number is not sufficient in the current market. Hence, the right decision is to get certified with data analytics to earn more. 

Flexibility of working

The significant advantage of the data analytics profession is, the job roles are not restricted to a single domain. You can get jobs in numerous sectors, and this flexibility helps those who want to experience the working of different sectors. At the current state, you can get job opportunities mainly in finance, health care, logistics, retail, human resource management sectors. However, you can expect to get more options in other fields in the next five years once all sectors start implementing Big Data. 

No prerequisites

The most exciting thing about data analytics certification is there is no specific prerequisite to learning data analytics. This gives a tremendous opportunity for those people who shy away wherever coding comes into the picture. Even if you are fresher and want to learn a new language, you can try this one. All you need to do is invest your time and effort to get success in this field. There are several free and paid courses available in the market, but you can learn and master the skill in no time if you select the best data analyst certification online. 

Practical Knowledge

One of the most underrated advantages of getting certified from the online courses is you can get the opportunity to learn from the industry expert. In online mode, you can choose the best course available in the market irrespective of your physical location and political boundaries. With the instructors’ experience of many years, you can get to know the best practices to follow. In many courses, students may get to work with the actual google analytics account. 

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