Database Testing

Database is collection of information. The database resides on database servers. The database development team. The database servers are setup and managed by database administrators. Sometimes, the role of database developers and database administrators is played by the same team. The concept of database testing includes processing of database connection, executing queries, fetching data and disconnecting database instances. The database testing is performed by QA team, usually alone with functional testing.

The technical implications which are associated with automated database testing considering few scenarios where the database testing is performed with automated testing. Database testing is performed precisely which is called as testing application in conjunction with database in order to ensure that the changes. We are required to make sure the data entered from the UI is consistently reflected in the database. Thus we retrieve the information from the database and the database retrieved is verified against the information supplied by the UI. 

Database testing: Example 1

Consider an example of filling the registration forms, user data and user profiles which updates and deletes the user data. Thus there is a test scenario to automate which can be verified by the user’s information that is successfully saved into the database as soon as the user registers in the  application. 

Database testing: Example 2

Another example of database testing, which performs the associative database testing. Assume that we performed an operation on the application’s UI and we want to test the reflection in the database that may be case which is impacted as data resides in various tables of the database due to the association. It is advisable to test, the data reflection at all the impacted areas. 

Database testing: Example 3:

To test the same bank money transfer:

step 1: check the balance of account A & B. e.g.: A = 500, B = 600

step 2: transfer money using the UI, account A to B, 200

step 3: again check the balance of account A & B. After successful transaction, account A is deducted by 200 and account B is credited by 200 e.g.: A = 300, B = 800

Language used to interact with the database while database testing: 

SQL : Structured Query Language

Tools used for viewing the data in the database:

eg: Toad data point, MS SQL server management studio, Oracle editors etc

Database testing is performed by Software testing team.

An automation testing tool, like Selenium, as said simulates the user interactions with the applications under test.it can simulate keyboard events, mouse actions etc. When the user desires to automate anything outside the vicinity of browser- web application interactions, then selenium can’t be of much help. We may require other tools for end-to-end database testing. 

Thus in all above scenarios, we may perform database testing along with the UI automation. The database testing is verification of values in database accepted through web or desktop application. As software industry gets more advanced, the applications gets more complex. So testing various parameters are required.

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