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What is Defect Life Cycle?

Once the defect is detected, it journeys through various statuses until it is closed.
Below are the major statuses of defect life cycle.

New: When a defect is newly identified and logged, it is given “New” Status.
In progress/open: If the developer accepts the bug and starts working on fix, it is given “open” status.
Rejected: If the developer doesn’t accept the defect and refuse to work on fixing it, it is assigned ‘Rejected’.
Deferred: If the defect is not affecting the product and is of low priority, it can be scheduled to be fixed in next version. In such case, it is given “deferred”.
Duplicated: If the defect was already raised, the status “Duplicated” is assigned.
Resolved/Fixed: When the defect id fixed, the status of defect is “resolved” or “Fixed”.
Retested: The resolved bug is assigned for “Retesting”.
QA Certified: If it passes retesting, it is set to “QA certified”
Reopened: If the retesting fails and it’s still a defect, it is assigned ‘reopen’ status and sent back to developer to fix it.
Closed: If the defect is not any more a defect, it is set to “closed”.

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