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Easy Ways to Make Selenium Python Faster

There are two ways to test any program’s quality and performance, the old manual testing method and the convenient method of automating the test. When it comes to automating the tests, Selenium finds its way quickly. The whole point of using selenium for automating the test cases is to make your testing project end quickly. The very idea of using Selenium in any project is to make the testing process quicker and accurate. If you are looking to achieve the maximum speed and for selenium python, here we are providing a few tips to succeed in this regard. 

Parallel testing

The best feature of Selenium is its parallel testing capabilities. By using this feature, any developer can automate the testing across multiple devices at once. You can execute the testing even on remote computers. Parallel testing is the easiest and fastest way to complete the testing process quickly. This is a must to do for the developers since most of the projects demand testing on multiple browsers and operating systems. It allows the developers to make the testing quicker and efficient. 

With this feature, if you have ten test cases to execute, you can execute each test case on different devices simultaneously. Suppose one test case takes 10 minutes to complete the full testing. Hence you can complete all of them within ten minutes rather than spending a hundred minutes using a single device. 

Make your codes shorter.

If you want to accelerate the testing speed, one point to remember is that every selenium test should use to test single functionality. The tip for making your Selenium testing faster is by reducing the number of steps in each trial. It is not recommended to use over 20 steps to make the testing lengthy and consume more time. This is essential because even if you have parallel testing, you must ensure a single test must execute on a single device. The practice of making your tests sort comes with another advantage, i.e., if you end up with any error, finding out the error step becomes comfortable with shortcodes. In the lengthy codes, debugging becomes an annoying thing. 

Refine test scripts

Many times, in a test, there will be numerous unnecessary things. These unwanted steps usually crept into the test cases. To achieve your tests’ greater execution, you need to look back at your test cases and remove the unwanted procedures. You ensure to remove all the duplicate test steps. Also, make sure no steps are not directly related to your tests’ outcome. If you need to know how to shorten the test scenarios, shorten the codes, and other best practices, you can enroll in learning selenium online classes

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Only use explicit waits.

If you use explicit waits in your test cases, the Selenium web driver waits until a specific condition occurs before starting the execution of other test scripts. So, as far as possible, use explicit wait commands to eliminate the delays in running your test cases. Predefining the explicit wait commands are more than necessary for some aspects on websites where it takes a longer time to load. If you employ the implicit wait command, your browser will wait for a specific time before loading every web element. The application of explicit wait commands eliminates these types of unnecessary delays.            

Always use fast selectors in your test scripts.

Of course, selenium offers a wide variety of selectors to provide versatility to your test scripts. But there are a few selectors works smoothly and fast. If you build your test cases using those selectors, your test performs better with less time. Some selectors, including  XPath selectors, name selectors, and others, make your testing faster. 

Other factors

  • Your Virtual Machine, computer, and container hardware resources also matter for increasing or decreasing the test speed. If the hardware is not robust, the tests bund to run slowly. 
  • Along with hardware, the hosting server hardware also makes your testing slow if the server hardware is not powerful. 
  • The number of concurrent users also impacts the testing speed. 

Hence, the complete understanding of what works well and what causes low performance helps you make your selenium testing speed and accuracy. 

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