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EggPlant Tool

The Eggplant tool is considered as functional testing tool from Testplant is an automatic application testing tool for debugging. It manually checks functionality of any developed applications and thus the automated functionality tests and debugging protocols which concentrate on the performance of the app’s GUI interface. This traditional application tool that taps into the app’s interface framework, the eggplant testing tool that’s using the image analysis for doing performance testing task and also to verify the functionality supported on the app user’s point of view.

Why Eggplant functional application testing tool is used?

The Eggplant testing has users to check the functionality and also performance of any developed app of any device or is also OS software unless of any coding language. By using one or more scripts users will establish test scenarios by involving their developed application codebase that to know the functionality throughout many devices or could be operating systems. This Eggplant automated testing tool allows combination that is applying with the application life cycle management software.

How this Eggplant testing tool will support automated application testing?

This software function uses two system model. This is the primary one  machine or device where the eggplant tool is installed and run. The second system that’s system under test where the machine is running application being tested.

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Eggplant functional is using virtual network computing connection bridge the 2 systems. Once the connection will be established between the two, the user is in a position to interact and control the system under test. There are users who has images of elements on the SUT as they have the eggplant testing tool to communicate with and will perform tests on viewer window.

Getting started with the eggplant testing tool

Eggplant functional testing tool to be used as test automation tool. We can use it for whole testing process from authoring scripts correcting results.

We can configure two systems while the setup

  • System that will run on the eggplant functional
  • System that will run on the application that we are testing.

The following steps for installation of eggplant tool are

  1. Download and we have installed the eggplant functional on the eggplant machine.

We should download Eggplant functional from the Eggplant Functional Downloads page.

Many users the Eggplant machine is their everyday workstation.It can windows, Mac, Linux machine.

Any particular hardware requirements for the eggplant machine, see installing eggplant functional.

  1. Licence Eggplant Functional on eggplant tool machine.

You can get a free trial key from the eggplant trial key request page.

We have to licence this eggplant functional by a trial key, launch the application. Copy the trial key and paste it into the Licence key field on the licensing splash screen then click Add.

The licensing splash screen in Eggplant Functional

There are some recent customer who, sees the Licensing Eggplant functional and know the license Eggplant functional is with our full term key.

  1. Configure the SUT
  • We can configure the SUT to receive either VNC or RDP connections from the eggplant machine. Learn about each connection type in eggplant functional connection Type are VNC and RDP.
  • If we select to use VNC we will download,install and configure the VNC server on SUT.
  1. Add the SUT connection to the connection list and select the connect option.

The possibility of eggplant functional on the eggplant machine, open the connection List(connection>connection List), select Add button to add SUT.

We have to visit our first SUT connection in the eggplant functional that will learn about adding SUT and also entering the details for VNC and RDP connections. Then we have to select the SUT connection from the connection list and click connect.


1.What is eggplant tool?

2.What are the advantages of this tool?

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