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Learning can be not only difficult but expensive as well. Notwithstanding the same, living in a world that is technologically growing at a high speed, requires everyone to move ahead with advancement. One field which has been drawing the attention of humans in recent years, Artificial Intelligence, is certainly something that the interested learners want to learn. Therefore, in this article, let us talk about free AI courses. While there are quite a few AI online courses available, some of them charge almost as much as enrolling in a college to learn Information Technology, yet providing limited college knowledge. 

Stanford Artificial Intelligence Course

Available on Coursera, this is a free online artificial intelligence course offered through Stanford University and instructed by Andrew Ng, the previous expert researcher at Baidu, professor at Stanford, co-founder of Coursera, and perhaps the greatest name in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This course works superbly at explaining the working and structure behind AI just as offering a more prominent comprehension of how everything functions. 

It is not aimed at beginners and expects some past experience of machine learning, to a place where you are at least acquainted with jargon. Moreover, it centers around deep learning and the system of self-instructing frameworks that can gain from complex datasets 

This free artificial intelligence course is an extraordinary opportunity to gain high-quality information from probably the most brilliant experts in the field of AI.

All IT Courses 50% Off

Learn With Google AI

This recently launched course is a component for Google’s arrangement to widen the comprehension of AI among the overall world. Material is gradually being added, however, it as of now contains a Machine Learning with Google’s machine learning library, TensorFlow crash course. 

The course makes the progress from an essential introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence to getting familiar with TensorFlow, to planning and training neural nets. 

It is planned so that those with no information on machine learning can get right into it – directly toward the beginning, those with some experience can pick or select modules as preferred by them, while machine learning specialists can utilize it as a prologue to TensorFlow.

Columbia University – Machine Learning

This course is available completely free of cost just with a few clicks on the web, with an alternative to paying for Artificial Intelligence certification should you need it. 

It assures to tutor about models, techniques, and applications for working on the problems that are genuine issues utilizing probabilistic and non-probabilistic strategies just as unsupervised and supervised learning. Moving ahead, to take advantage of the course you ought to be able to spend around eight to ten hours per week on the materials and activities, more than 12 weeks – yet this is free Ivy League-level training so you would not anticipate that it should be a breeze. 

Now that we have covered the free courses which would help you learn artificial intelligence, let us go through the final outcome: the benefits of learning artificial intelligence. 

  • As artificial intelligence can be applied to a ton of issues and various business sectors so it ought to be viewed as an essentially new way to deal with both minor and major problems and circumstances. Accordingly, so as to set yourself up for a future-proof profession (be it any), you will require an upper hand in artificial intelligence. 
  • The Finance, Retail, Online Customer Support, Automobile, Smart Devices, Automobile Industry only a couple ventures to name. Artificial intelligence is essentially all over the world.
  • On the positive chance that you learn Artificial Intelligence, you could be a lot: programmer, researcher, business intelligence developer, hardware engineer, software engineer, and a lot more.

We can go on and on, but taking a step towards learning AI is entirely in your hands.

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