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How Does Artificial Intelligence Works?

It has been ascertained that Artificial Intelligence is a key emerging technology for the future because of its limitless capabilities. There are a lot of people who support the notion that Artificial Intelligence works has the potential to improve our lives and also boost socio-economic conditions. Even though it may have some potential, it is generally believed that it provides good rather than bad.

Artificial Intelligence is an aspect of computer science that tries to replicate human intelligence with computers. In layman’s terms, it is described as robots taking over the world and doing the work of man. But that is not the case realistically speaking. That is why it is important to understand what Artificial Intelligence is and how it works. 

Everyone needs to understand the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and the impact of this technology in our everyday life. But if you are an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast and you want to fully understand the technology; then you need to enroll in Artificial Intelligence training programs and take their artificial intelligence online courses. By doing this, you can get an artificial intelligence certification and become a certified artificial intelligence expert. You can even pursue a career in technology companies that make use of Artificial Intelligence.

To get to that level, it is important to understand the foundations of artificial intelligence; that is, what artificial intelligence is and how artificial intelligence works. This is what we are going to look at in this article so let’s get on the ride together.

Artificial Intelligence Works

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) is a type of intelligence programmed into computers or machines. They include deep learning, machine learning, and other subsets. AI refers to the category of computer science that seeks to follow the rules of human intelligence within computer systems. People that are outside the world of computer science may not understand this concept because they might feel that human intelligence could be threatened and eventually replaced by machines and robots. But this is not true as artificial intelligence can improve our daily lives. They do this by making sure that certain processes are more efficient. Computers that use AI can perform complicated tasks automatically.

Artificial Intelligence can also be said to be simulating human intelligence in machines. AI is capable of performing various activities ranging from simple AI activities (also known as narrow AI) to advanced AI activities (also known as general or super AI). Artificial Intelligence has a wide range of applications which include facial recognition, search algorithms, autonomous vehicles, advanced surgical robots, amongst others. Another good example where artificial intelligence is applied is the automatic language translation app. This app translates speech in a language into text in another language.

How does artificial intelligence work?

The way artificial intelligence works can be described as unique. It works by using algorithms along with elements and other constraints that help shape the working model toward perception, thinking, and action. Artificial Intelligence can be powered by following simpler processes of rules, but the two major processes used in AI are deep learning and machine learning. Building an artificial intelligence system requires a careful process of reverse-engineering human characters and capabilities in a machine. It then uses its computational abilities to better what humans can do.

The advanced level of artificial intelligence requires a large amount of data. This is because the quality and quantity of the data are what determines the effectiveness of artificial intelligence. AI works by extracting some distinct features from this data and classifying them to establish an output. But using machine learning, human intervention may be required because humans are the ones to tell the machine how to extract the features. by using deep learning, which is more advanced when compared to machine learning, human intervention may not be required because the machine can educate itself to both extract and classify the features.

Looking at autonomous driving as an example to explain how artificial intelligence works. The vehicle gets the data to work with using various means. It can receive the data visually with cameras, or it can use radar or sensing technologies to recognize what is happening in its environment. As this is going on, data are continuously received and monitored from how the vehicle is performing. Artificial Intelligence uses and classifies the data gotten to determine if the scenario the vehicle is encountering requires intervention. If intervention is required, the AI produces an output to the vehicle to navigate safely through the situation.

 Another application where we can see how artificial intelligence works is the automatic switching of electric appliances in our homes. For example, when you walk into a room, there are sensors in the room that will detect your presence and turn on the lights. These AI machines are categorized under non-memory machines. Some advanced AI programs can predict your usage pattern of these appliances and will turn them on before you even give the order. 

There are also some artificial intelligence programs written to identify your voice pattern and use it to perform various actions accordingly. Take for instance that your television is connected with this AI program, this means you can say to your television, “turn on the television”, and the sound sensors present in the television will detect your voice, and once it matches the inscribed one, it will turn on the television.

It is generally believed that algorithms produce specific results based on input. A typical computer program doesn’t showcase pattern recognition, deductive reasoning, pattern anticipation, and decision-making techniques. These are the fundamentals of human intelligence. Therefore, artificial intelligence programs use a higher level of information processing. They make use of different systems that allow intellectual work to be automated by computers instead of human control. That is why artificial intelligence is an emerging and growing technology. It saves labor and time; and also provides an opportunity to discover patterns in large and expansive data sets that might be deemed useless by humans.

To fully know how AI works, it is also important for you to understand the sub-domains of artificial intelligence, and also how these domains could be applied in different fields of the industry. These domains are:

  • Neural Networks: These are similar to the human neural cells because they both follow similar principles. They are a series of algorithms that explains the relationship between different variables and how they process data.
  • Machine Learning: It is abbreviated as ML. it teaches the machine how to make decisions and inferences based on previous experiences. It analyses past data and identifies patterns that will provide meaning to the data points so that a reasonable conclusion can be reached without human involvement.
  • Deep Learning: It is a form of ML technique. Deep Learning educates the machine on how to process inputs through layers so that it would be able to infer, classify, and predict the outcome.
  •   Computer Vision: These are algorithms that try to understand an image. It does this by breaking down the image and studying the various parts. This algorithm enables the machine to classify and learn from images and make a better output decision based on past observations.
  • Cognitive Computing: These algorithms try to mimic the human brain. It does this by analyzing speeches, images, texts, objects, and so on, in a manner that is similar to the human and tries to obtain the desired output.
  • Natural Language Processing: It is abbreviated as NLP. It is defined as the science of reading, understanding, processing, and interpreting a language by a machine. The machine responds accordingly once it understands the user’s intentions.

These domains can be fully taught in an artificial intelligence online course. That is why I will recommend you to register for artificial intelligence training if you want to fully understand how AI works.

The healthcare and medicine industries are said to be a big potential where AI software development can thrive. This means that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals also need to understand the concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Apart from taking online medical courses, they can also enroll in artificial intelligence training and take some basic artificial intelligence online courses. So, you can also become both a certified medical doctor and certified artificial intelligence personnel (having received the artificial intelligence certification).


Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. But it is important to understand how artificial intelligence functions and that is what we have discussed in this article.  To be a part of the future of technology, you need to be a certified artificial intelligence personnel. Having an artificial intelligence certification is essential if you want to have a future career in artificial intelligence.

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