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How Tableau Can Help Students?

Data visualization is a new sensation when it comes to the business intelligence sector. Whenever we talk about data visualization, Tableau will always find its way in it. It is the most user friendly and a tool which comes with all the necessary tools and packages to make attractive dashboards and visual graphics. Since Tableau and data visualization is a relatively new concept in the industry, there aren’t many Tableau professionals to meet the business requirements. So, if you are a student, it is a beautiful opportunity to prep yourself for taking advantage of the enormous demand that is predicted in the coming years. Let us understand what Tableau and other essential aspects of it are. 

What is Tableau? 

Tableau is the rapidly growing data visualization and data analysis tool that helps people understand the data correctly. It easily converts the instructed data sets into an easily understandable format. It is a powerful tool for visualizing the data in the BI industry. The great thing about this tool is anyone from any background can learn and understand this. If you are a student, you can know this with tableau for students offered by Tableau. 

What is Tableau for students?

Learning additional skills with academics is the best way to secure an excellent career for students. Many students learn to code and other skills to get a head start in their careers. However, what you know also matters a lot. In the current scenario, considering the wide usage of Tableau and data visualization by all the prominent business sectors, it is no brainer to learn Tableau and lay a strong foundation for your career. 

If you want to learn Tableau in student life, Tableau offers an excellent opportunity for you. Tableau for students is a free license provided by Tableau for students with a year validity. Once the one-year validity expires, you can reapply and get an open license. The Tableau for students program is available in most of the accredited educational institutes. Through this license, you can learn, explore, and make the best utilization of free resources from your career perspective. 

How does it help students?

In-class usage

tableau desktop allows you to work with the data and get the hands-on experience of Tableau. By using this option, you can analyze your data and go the extra mile in-class assignments. Additionally, it is easier to use with the intuitive, user-friendly, and drag & drop interface. It allows you to analyse the data with ease without help from Tableau experts. 

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Use for Fun

If learning becomes fun, then there will be no stoppage for the exploration of the subject. You can get the advantage of Tableau for students programs and give a new dimension for your creativity. You can create beautiful visualization designs and dashboards on any topic you choose. For example, you can take Facebook or Instagram data and visualize the same to get fun. Under this program, tableau for students download is available for free, and students can explore Tableau’s dimensions. 

Use at home

Tableau is a more demanded skill in the current business world. With this program, you can learn the skill of the future in your convenient time and place. With free access to eLearning, you can obtain the most valuable skill. And there will be no deadline to complete any task like other e-learning courses. Hence, as per your learning speed, you can become familiar with this tool. 

Use for good

Many students want to contribute something to society. If you are one of them, you can create vizzes and promote a cause that is close to your heart. You can post any of the causes such as gender equality, the voice against racism, etc. on Tableau Public with your hashtag. 

Lay a strong foundation for your career

With the free e-learning and resources available for students, you can take your data analytical skills to the next level. Once you learn how to work with Tableau, you can get certified with Tableau Desktop. For students, Tableau offers 20% off on the examination fees. It will allow you to get certified and add a significant skill to your resume to secure the job of your dream. 

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