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How to Become a Salesforce Developer

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed to help businesses recognize customer needs in other to improve production, marketing, and sales. This platform is designed to help a business grow by providing services that’ll help meet customer demands. 

As a software developer, you can use the expert knowledge and understanding of salesforce proprietary programming languages to develop software for users of salesforce products. The salesforce needs of a business organization are quite different from that of another organization. So, there’s a need to employ a qualified Salesforce Developer that will offer customized salesforce business solutions. No matter your career qualification, you need to enroll in proper salesforce online training to acquire the essential skills and Salesforce Developer certifications. 

Employers will only look to hire you as a salesforce developer if you have the required salesforce qualifications. Here are the steps you need to follow if you are interested in Salesforce and want to become a certified Salesforce Developer. 

Step 1: Know Who You Are as a Salesforce Developer 

The first step you need to take in becoming a salesforce developer is to seek the knowledge of who a salesforce developer is. A salesforce developer is a programmer that builds salesforce applications across SaaS platforms. You can learn more about the definition of a salesforce developer through the important salesforce training for beginners program. 

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Step 2: Understand the Roles of a Salesforce Developer 

It is essential to understand what a salesforce developer does. If you understand the role of a salesforce developer, you will get inclined easily with what’s expected of you in the field. You should seek to understand how salesforce works and be ready to customize salesforce solution services. Salesforce online training will teach you the basic roles of a salesforce developer. 

Step 3: Learn About the Responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer

It is necessary to learn about the roles and responsibilities of a salesforce developer. This is a topic that is well covered in the salesforce training for beginners. But here are the highlights;

  • A salesforce developer writes and modifies programming codes
  • A salesforce developer develops software that meets user’s needs 
  • A salesforce developer creates effective project plans and designs salesforce solutions 
  • A salesforce developer is responsible for designing features that meet product requirements 
  • A salesforce developer liaises with clients & stakeholders to gather product requirements 
  • A salesforce developer uses methodical testing processes to solve problems 
  • A salesforce developer tests code for bugs and provide fixes for the errors 
  • A salesforce developer suggests new software upgrades for apps and systems 
  • A salesforce developer creates and implements programs for use on the web 
  • A salesforce developer works with other programmers to create varieties of programming models 
  • A salesforce developer documents the entire inventory of programming applications
  • A salesforce developer oversees salesforce software upgrades and maintenance 

Step 4: Get Familiar with the Basic Tools used in Salesforce 

Aside from learning about the roles and responsibilities of a salesforce developer, it is also necessary to learn about the basic tools used in salesforce software development. Some of these development tools include Visualforce, Object Manager, Apex, Developer Console, and Source Code Management. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is one of the most used tools because salesforce developers use it for several salesforce development tasks. 

Step 5: Enroll in Salesforce Developer Training for Beginners 

It is common knowledge that employers prefer hiring individuals with a Computer Science qualification when looking for salesforce developers. It is great if you already have this qualification (i.e., Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science) but if not, you should focus on learning web development. You can start by enrolling in salesforce training for beginners. You will learn the basics of Salesforce and how to become a certified professional in the field. 

Step 6: Acquire Salesforce Developer Certifications 

You can acquire salesforce developer certifications through online training courses such as the salesforce online training course. As a certified salesforce developer, you can use your in-depth knowledge of several proprietary programming languages to provide salesforce solutions. 

Acquiring salesforce developer certification is a step higher than enrolling for salesforce training for beginners. This certification will not only improve your knowledge of salesforce but will also increase your chances of earning a higher salary as a salesforce certified professional. You should get acquainted with the salesforce proprietary training programs available online. 

Step 7: Apply for Jobs as a Salesforce Developer 

You should look out for job opportunities in the salesforce industry by applying for salesforce developer roles in tech companies and organizations that are active users of salesforce products. You can also apply for jobs as a salesforce freelance developer on freelance platforms. This is the final step in your journey of becoming a salesforce developer.  


Becoming a salesforce developer should not be challenging if you follow the steps listed in this guide. In summary, you should learn about the roles and responsibilities of a salesforce developer while ensuring you acquire the necessary salesforce developer certifications. Your skills as a programmer and experience in the salesforce industry also matter. As discussed earlier, you need to enroll in a web development course if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Whether you’re a college student or graduate, you can become a Salesforce developer by taking a salesforce online training course.

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