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How to Execute Failed Test Cases in TestNG using Selenium WebDriver

In this article, we learn how to execute failed test cases in TestNG by using Selenium WebDriver

I. Create a Selenium ProjectStep 1: Launch the Eclipse and Create a New Java project by clicking File > New > Java Project


Step 2: Enter Project Name > Choose execution environment > Select Project layout option > Click on the Finish button.


When you click on the finish button the “ProjectTest” java project is created and looks like


Step 3: Expand the newly created project. You will able to see the “src” folder. Right-Click on src folder > Select New > Click Package


Step 4: In this step, enter the Package Name and click on the Finish button.


After clicking on “finish” button the project structure will look like


Step 5: Right-click on the newly created package and select New > Select Class.


Step 6: In this step,

  1. Enter the “class” name
  2. Select modifiers
  3. Browse and select superclass java.lang.object
  4. Click on the finish button.

Here, you are creating two classes ex: TestA, TestB.

First Create Class TestA.


When you click on the “Finish” button it will create a class like:


Similarly, create a class TestB. When you click on the “Finish” Button class will look like:


Step 7: To Execute Failed Test Cases If you have installed the TestNG library just click on Java Project and select >Properties.


Step 8: In the properties window, click on Java Build Path > Click on Libraries > Click on Add Library.


Click on “TestNg” and Click on the “Next” button.


Then click on the “Finish” button.

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