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How to get a job in Software Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance is one career many are exploring today, and this is due to the wide field Of vacancies available. After you have completed quality assurance classes, the next stage is practicing everything learned as an intern or in a junior role. You may be overwhelmed with the feeling of a large number of unemployed professionals out there. But once you know your onions, getting a job as a software quality assurance expert will be a walkover. 

Regardless of the aspect, you’re specializing in, quality assurance jobs are available once you have the right tips to get the good ones. In this article, these tips will be explained and you get to start your quality assurance job soon. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Get a Solid Foundation

The first step you need to take to land a good software quality assurance job is getting a good foundation. By attending the right quality assurance classes, you get to understand the role well. You need to develop a passion for the job and go all out in knowing the intricacies of quality assurance. 

With this, you can defend your knowledge during interviews, and tests proving you are the best for the role. 

2. Experience Matters

Sometimes, some experts may be lucky to land a good role in quality assurance without having the required experience. But, experience matters as well. As you continue with your quality assurance courses online, search for opportunities to boost your resumé. These can be in the form of volunteering for an organization, internships, and others. It may not yield the right income initially, but you’re building your CV and knowledge in quality assurance to fit in for better opportunities. 

3. Get Mentors and Support System

Mentoring helps you a lot in getting the right quality assurance job. As you continue learning and practicing, attend conferences, seminars and join online sessions to build your network system. When doing this, relate with the top-rated experts in quality assurance around and learn from them directly or indirectly. Also, show enthusiasm and happiness in your practice as a quality assurance expert. These skills help them keep you in mind and good recommendations can land you a well-paying job. 

4. Design a detailed CV and Cover Letter

Sometimes, it may not be all about the experience. Your potential company may want to hear from you and get you to convince them why you’re the best fit. As you work on your role, ensure you have the right CV template to land you that role. 

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When it comes to cover letters, you need to craft out organized, professional yet interesting content for the reader. When your experience and background aren’t up to what’s searched for, your CV and cover letter can work the magic.

5. Ger relevant certifications 

You should also build on your knowledge as you advance in the job. There are different certifications required for quality assurance testers and they change with levels too. Whether you’re a junior tester or a senior looking to change levels, you need to understand the requirements for the new role. 

With the right certifications, you can easily land the job you’ve been dreaming about in Quality Assurance. 

6. Develop Non-Verbal Skills

Many have lost opportunities because of their negative attitudes. Even when you’re qualified for the role, your attitude may alter you from getting the job. As a quality assurance expert, you need to develop the right communication skills. This will help you relate better with people and colleagues as well. 

You also need to be detail-oriented. Your little attention to detail can make you unique during your quality assurance job interview. With time, you get the role. 

Problem-solving skills are also a must-have for you. Challenges will arise during your job execution and your problem-solving skills will help you through. 

7. Evolve with Technology

Every day, new tools are discovered to help each field. Ensure you stay relevant with the current tools and methods. You need to understand how they work and how to incorporate them into your job when employed. 

You may never know what tools will be used during testing. So, get used to it all. 


Regardless of whether you’ve attended the best quality assurance course online, you need tips to get that role. In this article, we have highlighted the best ways to get your jobs soon. 

Study them, work with the best network, and develop the right skills. All these will boost your career and land you a well-paid role. 

Good luck!

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