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How to Get Scrum Foundations Professional Certificate (SFPC)

All organizations work differently. However, the paths of all the organizations somehow connect to a single meeting point: ROI (Return on Investment). Businesses, teams, and individuals work hard and smart in their daily lives to match return with the investment they have put into the work. And Scrum is more than a helping hand in the process. 

Having said that, many industries now understand the importance of Agile and Scrum. Subsequently, the requirement for Scrum professionals has increased significantly. Therefore, it is important for Scrum professionals to up their skills, expertise, and reach. Let us understand how Scrum Foundations Certificate does the same: 

  • One of the best approaches to pull in your potential and existing clients is by providing assurance and winning their trust, which can be done through certification. Given that this confirmation comes from a notable certifying body, it will make the client feel like they realize what’s in store, which will make them more in tune with the whole working process. 
  • When there are numerous different Scrum professionals offering comparative services, it very well may be trying to vie for that equivalent client pool. This is the place where your Scrum Certification (or even Agile) will assist you with standing apart from the rest. 
  • The certification is not merely a piece of paper, you get it only after you acquire the required expertise. Understanding what the updated procedures in your industry are will give you the next level of understanding concerning your work, and how you can uphold your clients.

Now that we understand the importance of Scrum Foundations certification let us move to the procedure concerning how to acquire the same. 

How to Get Scrum Foundations Professional Certificate (SFPC)

In order to get the certification, you will be required to clear the examination. The exam is conducted by CertiProf, the certifying body of the certification, and requires the candidate to clear the exam with 70% as passing marks, 40 questions to solve, and 60 minutes on the timer. This is how you may prepare to clear the examination: 

  1. The primary thing you need to ensure that you have is your test outline, which is otherwise called an exam blueprint. Consider your test plan as a framework for the test. With the outline, you will know which points and topics hold the most weight on the test and plan to concentrate appropriately. Evaluating the test plan is not only your first step but also helps you to expand your examination time.
  1. In case you’re new to the subject or some specific topics, go through the Scrum Guide and Agile Manifesto at least twice. Also, regardless of whether you’re a professional or a beginner, take notes while preparing for the exam. Composing or recording tough topics centers consideration, advances understanding, supports memory, and will help when you will need to recall what you studied. 
  1. The test practice questions are the most significant assets numerous students actually find. They will assist you with reviving the entirety of the knowledge that you have mastered during the term of your learning cycle.  A portion of the things you learned toward the start of the course may have escaped your focus center. Furthermore, by doing the training questions, you can perceive what topics are well prepared and which ones you have to zero in a bit more than others, especially before the test.

Lastly, do not make rookie mistakes such as skipping a question or not planning the timing concerning the examination – and that can be done only when you sit for the examination with confidence and calmness. Remember, it is not a do or die situation, there are many other certifications such as Scrum Master Certification and Scrum Alliance Certification which will help you enhance your career. 

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