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How to Learn Tableau–Top tips

The data visualization is the new sensation in the Business Intelligence field. And how can anyone talk about data visualization without mentioning Tableau? In the data visualization sector, the versatility and dynamic dimension Tableau offers is not available on any other platform. Due to the many advantages it brings while presenting the data in an understandable way, businesses are looking for Tableau experts. If you also want to learn tableau and want to know how you can speed up the learning and remember for the long term, you should follow the below tips. 

Tableau Public

Installing and working on Tableau Public is the best way to learn Tableau. It is available at no cost and has almost all the features you can see in Tableau Desktop. With this facility, you have the luxury of connecting and exploring text and excel files up to 10 million rows. The only major problem of Tableau Public is your works will be saved on the web, and anyone can see your work. That is why it is not suitable for working with business data. But for learning purposes, it is the best option. Along with this, you can find numerous workbooks on Tableau Public, and you can download all the files. All these files introduce the varieties of possibilities you can get with Tableau. By doing the reverse engineering allows you to know more about the usage of Tableau. 

Join the Tableau community

Following the Tableau community is the best way to get innovative ideas about Tableau. Tableau has a big community. And consists of tableau bloggers, conference speakers, mentors, and experienced professionals who share the vital information about the new development and common problem a developer gets in dealing with Tableau. Tableau has a selfless community that helps you to expand your knowledge in this field. You may attend tableau classroom training or get the mentoring from the expert, but whatever the method of your learning, following Tableau community is a must to enhance your skill sets. It is helpful for the learners, but even experienced Tableau developers follow to get more insights from it and adopt the new things. 

Enroll for an online course

It doesn’t matter how much you follow the bloggers, YouTube videos, and all. But there is no substitute for getting the knowledge from the experts. It helps to connect the dots and understand the core concepts entirely. You can find numerous courses, training, and workshops to enhance your skills in a short time. Even if you are a beginner, you have the option to learn from scratch by selecting the Tableau beginners’ course. Along with this, you can get a variety of courses and benefit from it. Whatever your mastery level or available time, you can find the right type, of course, to fit into your routine. If you want to attend in-person classes, you can attend one day of training at the Tableau annual conference. 


Practice makes a man perfect, yes, it is a cliché, but it is relevant in life. There is no substitute for practice, and it is the best thing to understand your learnings practically. You may feel you have understood entirely while hearing from the experts, but you get to know the real understanding while practicing. The more problems you encounter, the more you will enhance your ability to adapt. If you are unsure how to get new challenges, you can find many such groups to practice and increase your level of understanding on the online platform.  If you enrolled for the tableau course online, it consists of numerous case studies and practice tests at the end of each topic. Learning through online classes is the best way to understand and practice your learnings. 

Read up

whatever the option you get in the digital world, there is no substitute for reading the books. There are numerous good books are available on Tableau, and it helps immensely to learn Tableau. It is the best way to start learning Tableau because, in books, you can see the in-depth explanation of Tableau’s basics. If you follow the experts’ blogpost and numerous data visualization journals, it helps to learn different topics of Tableau. 

If you follow all these steps, the learning becomes fun and easy. 

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