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How to Practice for a Java Interview

Preparing for interviews and acing them out is one of the most dreaded activities for job seekers. Probably you have some assessments ahead of you as a Java developer and trying to look for ways to stay true to yourself, answer the questions right and impress your interviewers, this is the right article for you.

Java language is one of the most versatile and there is a large span of experts available for every job. Therefore, you need to work with the tips to prepare for the interview and pitfalls to watch out for. 

Let’s get right into it. 

  1. Get it right from the foundation

The first step you need to take before deciding to apply for any job as a Java developer is learning the basics. You have access to a lot of materials online due to the popularity of the language and this makes it quite easy to get started with learning. Also, you may need to enrol in a relevant online Java course certification as proof of study when needed. You have to understand that Java is a simple, yet detailed language, so it needs a lot of research, practice, and learning to become confident in defending yourself in the interview. 

  1. Prepare for a series of Interviews

For Java programming, you will be required to pass through a series of interviews with each testing an area of the language. To perform well in all, you have to know the common areas to be tested and how to respond to the questions. For example, Java coding interview sessions will test your knowledge of writing and using codes for practical problems. research on the expected sessions during the interview and get to prepare on the expectations. Also, you have to focus on non-tech skills as well as communication skills. It may be the saving skill to land you the job even after failing coding interviews. 

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  1. Research about the Company

Asides from brushing up on your knowledge of working with Java language, you need to have an idea about the company applied to. Research about their history, goals, strengths, and weaknesses and highlight ways you’d improve their efficiency if hired. Well, this isn’t common to all interviews, some companies just test your knowledge based on the role and decide on hiring. However, others want to know how passionate they are about working with them. To be on the safe side, prepare for this session as well and get all available information before the assessment day. 

  1. Practice with Past Questions

If you’d be taking some practice questions, then you need to prepare for them too. Some practice questions may be tweaked for your interview, however following the same pattern as past ones. If you can get access to these questions, use them to practice for the interview. You need to be time conscious when answering your practice question and try to evaluate your answers. If possible, give them to an expert with a better understanding to provide honest feedback about your performance before the day. 

  1. Plan to Dress well

As a Java developer preparing for an interview, you need to dress well. The first impression your interviewers have about you comes from your looks. Therefore, it’s quite important to appear organized, responsible, and fit for the role. Ensure your clothes are well straightened, smart, and agree in colors. Also, practice your sitting position and how to interact during the oral interview session. 

Again, you can get someone to act as the interviewer, most preferably a senior colleague but any other individual will work just fine. 

  1. Get all your credentials ready

For job interviews that require you to come with extra copies of your credentials, you need to get them ready. The habit of sourcing for places to print a few hours to the interview will only increase your anxiety and get you worked up unnecessarily. Also, if you’re asked to come with evidence of past works, be ready to make a brief presentation. If you’re claiming credit for the work, then you should know all about the project. If you are not so confident about your credentials, you can join a Java certification training to network with top Java developers on interesting projects.

As a final word, you don’t want to appear rough to your interviewers. So get your good sleep before the day after you have all your requirements sorted out. 


Interviews can come with nervousness, but it’s on your part to ensure your mind is ready to face the task. With these tips explained in this article, you have all it takes to get ready for the interview and how to answer the questions well. You should remember that the most important aspect of practising is attending mock interviews. So, plan one with your mentor or colleague today. 

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