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HTTP Protocol/Communication Networks

The HTTP Protocol is sort of application layer protocol which is used to transmit all files and also other data on the World Wide Web. Where there is HTML files, image files, query results. Http that takes place through TCP/IP protocol. A browser is an HTTP client because it sends request to an HTTP server, which then also sends back to the client.The standard port of HTTP servers to listen use any port.

HTTP is based on the TCP/IP protocol and is used on the internet for transmitting webpages from servers to browsers.

Network application:

Client server paradigm:

The client and server are the end systems and also called as Hosts.The client starts contact with the server to request for a service. Like for the web, where the client is implemented in the web browser and for e-mail it is the mail reader. The server provides the requested service to client by providing with the online page requested and mail server delivers e-mail.

Peer-Peer paradigm:

In the network a peer will come anytime and leave the network anytime.So the Scalability is the advantage of the peer-peer network. Along with the Client Server and peer-peer paradigm, it also supports hybrid peer to peer and client server in real world.

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The HTTP protocol will help one or more application protocols which we use in our day to day life. For e-mails, we use the SMTP protocol or when we talk to another person on telephone.

http protocol

Identifying the Applications

When the procedure of communication has to be performed there are two main things which are very significant to know they are 

IP address: It is the host running process. It is a 32 bit address which is unique id.From this IP address, the host is recognized and used to communicate to the web world.

Port Number: This is the combination of IP address and port number which is called a socket.

Whenever the client or may be web user application communicates with the web server, it needs mainly four important components which is also called as TCP connection tuple.It consists of client address, client port number, source IP address and source port number.

Http protocol uses TCP protocol to create an established,reliable connection between the client and the server.All Http commands are in plain text and almost all HTTP requests are sent using TCP  port 80 of course any port which can be used. HTTP protocol asks that every request be in IP address form, not DNS format.

For example

GET Systems/HTTP Protocol HTTP/1.1

The first a of part of the request the word “Get” is our HTTP command. The middle part of the request is the URL of the page which we want to load and the last part of the request which tells the server which version of HTTP request is going to use.

The Web

The web world contains of numerous web pages which contains of objects which are addressed by the URL. The web pages which consists of HTML pages for a few referenced objects .The URL uniform resource Locator contains the host name and path

 Host name is

The web user sends a request to the web server through agent like internet explorer. This user agent handles all HTTP request to the webserver.The same thing happens  to web server when it send the information to the  Web User through servers known as Apache server and Ms internet information server.

The Http is known as web application layer protocol that works on the client-server technology. The client request for the HTML pages towards server and therefore the server responses with HTML pages. Here the client requests pages and objects through its agents and server responses them with the requested objects by displaying.


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