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Importance of Software Testing

Testing is a process or steps of a software items analysing in order to detect the state of disagreement between actual and required / expected conditions.

There are many reasons that make software testing important:

  1. Software testing is essential to notice the defects and errors which may occur during the development phases.
  2. Software testing is important since it verifies the customer’s reliability and their content with application.
  3. The software testing is very important to test the quality of the product and the good quality product supplied to their customer helps to gain the confidence.
  4. Testing is necessary when you give the facilities to the customers like delivery of high quality product or software application which requires minimal maintenance cost and gives good results and precise results.
  5. Software testing has to be carried out because it gives effective performance of the software application.
  6. It makes sure that the application should not result into any failures because it may lead into extra expenses.
  7. It is necessary to stay in the business.

Thoroughly tested softwares ensure reliable and high quality performance software operation. Testing  can contribute the success of an overall project in a way. Involvement of testers in requirement reviews and user story refinement provide early identification of defects before implementation,which reduces the fixing cost.Testers work with system designers which may increase their understanding of each part of the design. Testers work closely with developers which enhances their understanding each part of the code. Then testers verify and validate the software before they launch in the market which obviously help to detect the errors which are unnoticed.

Software Testing Througout SDLC:

Software development step is divided into several logical stages which allow the company to arrange systematically its work, efficiently build a product of required functionality within a specific time frame and budget.

Testing is one of the critical processes of the software development process life cycle. It helps the companies to perform a comprehensive assessment of software and ensure that their product fulfils the client’s needs. The testing phases of the software development lifecycle help to identify all errors and bugs of any software to companies before it is implemented. If the software bugs are not solved or fixed before deployment they badly affect the client’s business.

The role of testing in software development is significant the procedure help software teams in verifying the functional and non-functional features and requirements of projects. The cost of removing or fixing bugs is minimal when compared with later stages of development, if the bugs are spotted at the early stage of the project. The quality of the product says for itself and users can identify the quality and experience. Not only can testing invoke greater engagement from users, but it can also reduce the overall development and maintenance cost of the project.


There are different roles in software testing team. The software testing is performed at every level of software development with specific objective and IT professionals. This makes sure early defect detection and fixing. It is important to make sure that the software testing team should have a proper structure. The roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined and properly distributed among the team members. Each and every member of the team will have a proper document that provides the necessary information on how task would be organised, what approach will be followed, how things should be scheduled and how many hours have been allocated to each member and all details related to applicable standards and quality process.

Role of a tester:

A tester is responsible for designing the testing scenarios, for conducting the tests and analyse the outcome or results after observations submit the report to the development team. A software tester should have the knowledge about software testing. Testers should have the good understanding about the system which means technical and functional product aspects.

Software test manager:

The test manger represents the leader of the testing team. Test manager will be responsible for interdepartmental meetings. This role has a responsibility of making decisions regarding the test environment required and how the information flow will be managed and how the testing procedure will go hand in hand with development.

Software automation tester:

Software automation tester role can be handled by an automated test engineer who should have a very good understanding of GUI designs, load or stress testing. He should know the requirement and design test procedures and test cases for automated software testing. He should design automated test scripts that are reusable. He should make sure that automated testing related activities are done as per the company standards.

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