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Is it Hard to Learn Data Analytics?

Are you flirting with the idea of learning data science? You are not alone; this has been the topic of debate for many years and will be the one for upcoming years also. But still, people become data analytics. Well, the problem lies within the fact that numerous aspiring data analytics don’t know what to expect from this world, or few of them have some false expectations from the field.

In this write-up, we will try to find out, is it hard to learn data analytics? And, also some untold truth which you should know about learning data analytics.

Learning Data Analytics is Hard

Learning data analytics takes a lot of work, a lot of energy, and time. No one can become a data analytics expert in a few months or a couple of years. There are many online platforms offering data analytics courses for beginners to attract learners, and when they enroll in any of them, they realize that these data analytics courses online only provide an illusion of the data analytics programs. You may even find many data analytics courses with placement.  

 You need to have real data science knowledge, but it takes lots of practice and real to life data environments. Don’t skip these; take your time and energy and set your own data server. Learning data analytics is not easy, and it takes a lot of time, and in case you do not willingly accept this fact, this field may not be meant for you. But if you are eager to learn data analytics the harder way, then your learning months will be your long-term investments.

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Learning Data Science is Improving Your Data Science Skills

The world is transforming really fast, and it will continue to be so, And if anyone likes to be in the race, he/she should be focusing on improving their skills. The skills which you acquire and improve are far more important than the actual information your learn. So when you opt for learning data science, it’s not all about learning data analytics, it’s about:

  • Improving your coding skills. 
  • Improving your business skills. 
  • Improving your math and statistical skills. 
  • Improving your data visualization, presentation, and other soft skills.

What seems important today might not be of that value in the next few years. Learning data analytics requires a Scikit-learn library or Google data Studio, which also seems essential today, but surely there will be a better learning package and better visualization in the next five years. So it is essential to future-proof your data analytics career; it is not about the information you learn but the skills you acquire.

It’s Hard to Learn Data Analytics, But It Can be a Great Investment

Learning data analytics has got many short-term and long-term perspectives. As per Glassdoor’s research, data analytics positions were generating the most number of jobs three years in a row in the USA. High demand and good salary package keep data scientists in a really goo position, that means:

  • Higher salary and good benefits. 
  • Better job security. 
  • Better working conditions and flexible hours. 

Data analytics is a well-respected profession in the industry, and you will be someone who your colleagues and seniors will listen to. Learning data analytics is more challenging; it is a combination of hard skills like – Python & SQL and soft skills like – Business & Communication Skills, and much more.  

That makes learning data analytics an excellent long-term investment. Learning data analytics also polishes your machine learning skills, but your prime focus should be on hard and soft skills related to it.


Learning data analytics is really tough, and you should not have any false expectations about it. It will take your lot of time and energy, but it will surely be your long-term investment if you become the data analytics expert.

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